September 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

Dear friends, 

less than 6 weeks, world leaders will meet in Glasgow at COP26 to
discuss our future. We already know that many groups and communities on
the frontlines of the climate crisis will not be able to make it to
Glasgow this November. 

means that it’s more important than ever to get organised so that our
demands for climate justice are loud enough that they can’t be ignored.

Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

       On 6th November,
movements across the world are coming together to take action – from
indigenous struggles to trade unions, from racial justice groups to
youth strikers. 

        The Covid pandemic means that not everyone can travel to Glasgow. That is why on the 6th November, we’re calling for decentralised actions worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, you can help bring climate justice to COP26.

When you find your local action, make sure to click ‘More Info’ and RSVP to be kept up to date. Can’t find an action or local hub near you? We can help you organise one.
Help us build the movement by spreading the word far and wide – see template WhatsApp, email, social media text here.

Want to get involved but not sure where to start?

are many ways you can get involved in our movement. We need all hands
on deck: in workplaces, communities, schools, hospitals and across
national borders.  Now is the time to join the fight. 
       Join us for our webinar to find out how you can get involved – from
volunteering to mobilising, from local to international levels. We’ll
discuss why and how we’re getting organised for COP, our plans for and
before COP, and the different ways you can get stuck in.

Sun 26 Sep 4 – 6 PM BST – register here
Don’t worry if you can’t make the session. You can re-watch it here afterwards.

Latin America and Asia Coordination Meeting

getting organised globally! We’re hosting Asia and Latin America
regional meetings to share information about what is planned and to
explore the possibilities of organising actions globally on Nov 6.

         Asia Coordination Meeting – Date: 29 Sept 7:30 AM UTC – register here
Latin America Coordination Meeting – Date: 4 Oct 2021 5:00 PM GMT+1 Zoom link

Africa Coordination Meeting coming soon!

UK Local Hubs Meeting

inviting representatives from all the COP26 Coalition Local Hubs to an
organising meeting ahead of the Global Day of Action on Nov 6th.
We want to hear how plans are developing across the country, what extra
support is needed, and enable Local Hubs to share experiences and
resources. Open to all activists currently mobilising in their local
areas for Nov 6.

Wed 29 Sep 7pm – 8pm BST – Zoom link


      Our movement can only grow because of our amazing volunteers!
It’s not too late to play a key role in the movement that brings climate
justice to COP26. From logistics to graphics to mobilisations –
wherever you are in the world, there are many ways you can support the movement both now and during COP.


Homestay Network

     Do you live in the central belt of Scotland and have an open floor, sofa
or room? Share your home with Indigenous leaders and visiting activists
coming to COP26.  

Find out more and become a host.

Other events

Glasgow Local Social

you’re in Glasgow, join local organisers for a social, to get to know
the Coalition, local campaigners supporting our efforts in the city, and
have a peek into one of our venues for the People’s Summit.

Wed 29 Sep 5pm BST, Saramago Cafe, Centre for Contemporary Arts


Local hub and regional meetings

     Local areas are getting organised! Find more events in our Coalition calendar or contact your local hub to find out about local events.