September 24, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

     Saturday September 24th. George Square Glasgow saw a youth protest against the pillaging and plundering of their future for the benefit of the corporate bosses. Great to see so many young people active and well keyed-up on the climate emergency issue and the array of colourful posters and street chalking was a pleasure and inspiring to see. We owe it to the younger generation to get ourselves involved and bring an end to this insane capitalist suicide mission. We owe the future generations the right to live on a planet that is sustainable and can provide for their needs.  We can’t be the generation that handed our kids and grand-kids a heritage of a disintegrating eco-system and oblivion. Unless we join them on the streets, workplaces and communities, that will be our gift to the next generation, time is running out faster than we can imagine. Solidarity and direct action now could save the day, and ours and their tomorrows.

Some photos from Saturdays protest.

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