August 19, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

The only way to get about town.

              Come November Glasgow will be host to one of the biggest public exhibitions of phoney promises, downright lies, double talk, grand speeches by political ballerinas and corporate bigwigs, eager to get a photo opportunity and their name splashed across the media. All of it will sound grand and pleasing to the ears, but it is just hogs wash and bullshit. All the big polluters will be there the oil and gas industry, the great, the good and the ugly, will all fly in on jumbo jets and private jets with a cavalcade of gas guzzling limos, all saying they are here to save the planet.
             However, three of the world’s largest oil and gas polluters have in place plans to increase oil and gas production up until 2030. The UK is licencing for more more oil and gas drilling in the North Sea and is planning to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport to increase air traffic. Hardly a blueprint for cutting carbon emissions. The world’s largest polluter, “The Pentagon” will not even be mentioned, to discuss this massive world polluter is off limits. The large polluting corporate world will promise to be more green but will still push to increase consumption to improve the economy, profit will always trump going green.
           You and I will be told to change our lifestyle, take shorter showers, boil just a little water in your kettle, turn your thermostat down a degree or two, walk and cycle more. Meanwhile, the political ballerinas, CEO and corporate hangers on will sail their £150 million yacht, or fly their private jet to the Caribbean to check their off-shore tax haven bank accounts.
          This is the truth of this Cop-Out-26 Carnival of illusions and slight of hand, grand standing promises and ideas with no back up of cash and no plans to put them into operation. Piecemeal titbits thrown in that direction, but the suicide path of this economic insanity we called capitalism will continue unless we the people decide we shall take control and bring this edifice of plunder and pillage and ecological disaster crumbling down. Let’s organise outside the Cop-Out-26 carnival and relegate capitalism to a history story of humanities darkest hour. 
Off on a wee trip to the Caribbean.