May 4, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        Come November 1st.-12th. 2021, Glasgow will host COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, the 26th pretend conference on saving the planet. Even though it is glaringly obvious that the destruction of the planet is the direct result of the dominant economic system of capitalism, there will be no voices raised to get rid of capitalism. As they discuss their various half-baked ideas on how to cut emissions, there will be no mention of the world’s largest polluter, no attempt to put the hems on that monumental world polluter, the Pentagon. The world’s largest user, transporter and hoarder of weaponry and all its polluting machinations of war, death and destruction. The gigantic scale of this powerhouse of death and destruction, is by scientific evidence the world’s largest polluter, however, don’t expect COP26 to address this planet killer. Instead we will be told to insulate our homes, drive electric vehicles, which by the way still require all the mining, transportation and pollution from the car production industry as internal combustion cars, plus the extra pollution of massive production of lithium batteries. We will be told to change our life style but still follow the dream of capitalism, continuous growth, continuous consumption. We can expect the planet to spin headlong into oblivion if we sit back and expect the managers and minders of capitalism to supply the answers to environmental destruction. 

         The answer lies outside the COP26, it lies in our communities, the saving of the ecological systems of the planet lies in our energies and planning getting behind the destruction of the polluters, capitalism and the attendant Pentagon. Any other direction is an illusion, we have to attack and destroy the root cause of our problems, capitalism.


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