March 6, 2021
From Anarchist News

via Enough 14 Translated by Riot Turtle

Catalonia. On Monday morning cops raided the Nabat squat in Mataró, 30 kilometres (19 miles) north-east of Barcelona. A squat in Canet de Mar was also raided. What follows is a communiqué on 8 arrested anarchist comrades from Nabat (Mataró) and a statement by El Lokal.

Barcelona: Communiqué on the 8 arrested anarchist comrades from Nabat (Mataró)

Yesterday night (February 27, 2021, Enough 14), around 09:00 pm, 8 of our comrades were arrested, in Barcelona, after the last police charge against the demonstrations against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, the limitation of basic freedoms that we are all suffering, the repression and the deprivation of our human rights.

We are facing a strong authoritarian drift of European governments that are taking the coronavirus as an excuse to repress and open the doors to a possible dictatorship.

The rage, which was contained in this period of strong restrictions explodes in this way with already 12 days of consecutive mobilizations and revolts. These are events that are repeated continuously throughout history, at this very moment revolts are exploding with great force not only in Europe but in all countries of the world from Chile to China.

With this repressive coup you are going to have problems throughout the occupied Maresme!!!

This communiqué is a call for participation, on behalf of the anarchist comrades of Nabat, in solidarity with all of them. We call for tomorrow, Monday March 1st at 12:30 noon, in front of the Commissariat of the Courts in Barcelona.

Stay tuned on social networks and other media in case there is any change of time and place, if comrades are transferred! There will be further calls!!!

After the events that have brought us to this point, we are in solidarity with the children if they are innocent and even more so if they are guilty!



Freedom for the imprisoned anarchists. No more police and media fabrications.

From El Lokal

Today, Wednesday (March 3, 2021, Enough14), Maria would come again to lokal to give us a hand in whatever was needed. For a couple of months she had been doing so, happy and grateful for her part and we were delighted to have one more person who collaborated with us. Today Maria will not be able to come because she was arrested on Saturday at the demonstration and last night, has been imprisoned accused of serious crimes along with eight people, arrested anarchists.

It makes us very angry as the trial is already done, the sentence has already been served. No presumption of innocence, accused of attempted murder, organized criminal group, searches without finding evidence, the police note leaked to all media that repeat it and adopt it as their own, the political and economic class is closed, accusing them of having “the will to kill” and a court that does what was already written, charging them in the most serious way and pre-trial detention without bail.

There is no doubt, they are guilty, they are anarchists, most of them Italians. The usual story that eventually falls apart. It is necessary to teach them a lesson, to make an example, to punish and stop the protests that go beyond the limits of the system.

We will fight to change this system, we will fight in an organized way, in an assembly, without leaders, respecting human life and not the institutions, as anarchists have always done.

El Lokal, March 3, 2021.