April 28, 2021
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No administration can claim innocence.

Reverend Aaron

Islamophobia Sweeps Over the Militia – The Legacy of George W. Bush

Amidst the soup of escalating anti-government distrust and fervor, primarily directed at the Clinton administration, the Right Wing in this country voted for the incredibly wealthy son of an ex-President, due in large part to him successfully masquerading as some “folksy man of the people”, the “kinda guy you would want to have a beer with”. This East Coast Ivy League elite-bread Yale graduate and Skull and Bones Society Alum bought a ranch in Texas and successfully portrayed himself as the “average joe” that “hates big gub’ment” just like “y’all”.

Ultimately, the W. legacy would be one of successful transformation of all that “anti-politics” style anger, paranoia, hate and fear that had been previously directed at the Clinton administration in the wake of Ruby Ridge and Waco, into a fanatically fevered distrust and hatred for Muslims at home and abroad. And, he managed to do it while also instituting easily one of the greatest manifestations of “big government” power and overreach the world has or quite possibly will ever see.

How did he do it? Well, it starts with actions subsequent to that “catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor” opined on by the Project for a New American Century. The Neocon war-hawk think tank, PNAC, had issued a report in Sept. of 2000 that outlined a strategy for total domination of the Middle East, and by extension the entire global economy, for the sake of Western White Supremacist Imperialist Capitalist interests. The strategy ultimately determined that some otherwise organic but drastic occurrence, or “catastrophic or catalyzing event’ would have to manifest in order to serve as the sort of triggering mechanism and rhetorical justification for their designs on a massive unprecedented expansion of global power for the Western WSIC Empire.

Project for a New American Century: Rebuilding America’s Defenses

Late in the first year of his otherwise eventless and deeply unpopular first term, the Bush administration, and the world, witnessed the events of 9/11. The Bush administration response would not only be to implement the bullet points of the middle eastern military domination strategy as outlined by the war-hawks over at the PNAC, but it was to also implement sweepingly oppressive measures here at home.

To understand much of what made 9/11 possible, though, we first need to briefly revisit a moment in the Reagan era cold war. During the Reagan years the US had funded, armed and trained the Mujahadeen, and had aligned itself with far-right Afghani religious fundamentalist extremist characters, most notably folks like Osama Bin Laden, in what was essentially a territorial proxy war against the Soviets held in Afghanistan.

Once these alliances had worn out their usefulness to the US, and the Soviets were essentially “defeated” there, the US packed up the warship and left a decimated societal infrastructure in its wake.

In that wake of post war desperation and rampant societal instability; after being left to fend for themselves in the factionally splintered state of a devastated war zone; having been abandoned to pick up the pieces alone after being ground zero for the sustained brutality of a war fought primarily over foreign interests; radical elements that would use religion as pretext for hate, were able to exploit and further stoke the obvious anti-Amerikkkan sentiments born out of that abandonment, inspiring 19 people to commit the atrocity of terrorist mass murder on 9/11.

All of this, in concert with countless years of the rampant WSIC raping of middle eastern resources facilitated by numerous other wars and CIA funded black ops, came hurling back at Amerikkka in the form of airplanes hi-jacked by suicidal religious fanatics who had become convinced that the brutal and senseless murder of thousands of innocent people would somehow send a toppling message of righteous indignation to the power that had devastated so many middle eastern lives and communities over decades.

It did nothing of the sort. It became justification for the further murder of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as well as justification for the deeply intrusive surveillance of nearly every one left alive.

The Bush administration did three monstrous things in response to 9/11. Two that would forever change the relationship between government and its citizens domestically, and a third that would wreak untold death and carnage on poor black and brown people all over the middle east. All three of which being deeply tied to and in many cases directly responsible for so many daily horrors experienced by poor and oppressed people in Amerikkka and around the world to this very day.

In direct response to 9/11, the Bush administration rolled out two major pieces of legislation. One that created the USA PATRIOT Act, and another that created the Department of Homeland Security. And, he then used the attack as spurious justification for the fomentation of what we now know to be the Middle Eastern “forever wars”.

The USA PATRIOT Act created a monstrous and bloated domestic surveillance state, making possible so much of what Edward Snowden told us about the NSA using every one of our devices to monitor and record our every daily activity. According to US Legal.com it:

…increases the ability of law enforcement agencies to search telephone, e-mail communications, medical, financial, and other records; eases restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering within the United States; expands the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions; and the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts [emphasis added].

What is the Patriot Act?

The rampant use of torture on so-called “enemy combatants” also found legal justifications in the wake of this new legislation.

And these are but introductory glimpses into the all-encompassing intrusive powers made law by the implementation of the USA PATRIOT Act (a monstrosity that Barack Obama, incidentally, would later unhesitatingly reauthorize).

The second monstrosity brought to life in the wake of 9/11, The Dept of Homeland Security, consolidated under one jurisdiction every facet of Amerikkkan daily life by consolidating literally every facet of the entire Amerikkkan infrastructure, including but not limited to: everything from border security to the nation’s sewer systems and water works; from housing and urban development to legalities in relation to the internet; it brought under one umbrella CIA, NSA and FBI oversight as well as the eventual creation of the Gestapo-esque US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE; all this and far more came under this one federal umbrella of unfettered power.

Critical infrastructure sectors that fall under DHS jurisdiction

Then there’s the wars.

W. started wars on two nations that both continue to this day with numerous incursions into nations that border them. Neither, though, could be directly tied in any way whatsoever to the mass murder committed on 9/11. But one of them does produce the world’s largest yearly yields of heroin (Afghanistan) and the other sits atop one of the largest reserves of untapped oil on the planet (Iraq) – two resources that yield almost incalculable sums of profit every year.

Now, whether or not these two forever wars somehow brought “justice” to, or created “closure” for, the many lives so adversely touched by the horrific acts committed on 9/11 is questionable, if not outright morbidly laughable. What we do know for sure, though, are two things.

The most unhinged religious extremist and fundamentalist elements in the middle east found renewed vigor and their numbers swelled resulting in the creation of groups like ISIS, while here at home your average Militia stooge that had been historically fine with being stochastically directed this way or that depending on the winds of Administrative change in Washington, has now been gifted a new enemy to despise above all other – The Muslim. That hatred made evident by the spread of the racist targeting of Muslim American and Americans of Middle Eastern descent in cities and towns all across the country following 9/11.

Note that the number of anti-Muslim hate crimes has never been lower than more than twice that of the numbers prior to 9/11. Note also the drastic return to 2001 levels in 2015 followed by a steep increase in 2016, corresponding, of course, with Trump’s ultimately successful campaign for Amerikkkan power.

Far Right extremist terrorists in Amerikkka wallowed happily in being tread upon by the inceptions of the USA PATRIOT Act and the Dept of Homeland Security because they believed, by dint of well-funded suggestion, that all that intense scrutiny of themselves was somehow a war against the Muslims they now hated so feverishly.

They weren’t being told that WSIC incursion into the middle east and the rampant death and destruction wrought by it had led to this unhinged act of terrorist murder. No, it was described as being an act motivated by some deranged interpretation of religion, and that religious inclination alone. It was explained essentially as being not the “good Muslim” but the “bad” “extreme Muslim” that was responsible (echoes of the manufactured narrative around the supposedly “good vs bad protestor” come to mind – see below).

While it was clearly an act committed by people who were in fact religious extremists, attacking religious extremism would not address the root cause of 9/11. That root cause, of course, being the WSIC incursion into the middle east that had inadvertently fomented the murderous radicalization of some religious extremists.

Meanwhile, at home, all those same anti-Semitic “ZOG” fearing militias that had proliferated under Clinton – who now under W. were pre-occupied with worshipping gleefully and Jingoistic-ally at the altar of the rampant mechanized death being directed at poor, mostly Muslim people in the Middle East – were about to have their stochastic anger redirected once again onto Washington.

A black man with a Middle Eastern sounding name was about to be President.

Despite that man being equally brutal and murderous in his defense of the WS status quo as his predecessors were, he was seen nonetheless as encompassing an intersection of so many of the imaginary boogey men that the WS stochastic terrorist right had been trained for generations to hate and fear. He would be the culmination of the “outside-agitating Marxist Satanist Muslim terrorist hell bent on destroying everything good god-fearin’ Americans love and hold dear”. He was in reality none of those things, but the perception was plenty enough to keep the far-right radicals radical and the centrist liberals pacified.

From the Heritage Foundation to Bundy Ranch– The Obama Legacy

Much talk was bandied about as to what the “legacy” of the first Black president would be. The Black president portrayed as some antithesis to the manufactured folksiness of Bush. Obama, head of the Harvard Law review, could pronounce “nuclear” properly, as opposed to the way Bush would commonly pretend to get it wrong (“newcular”). The differences between this supposedly “fresh new” Obama brand in comparison to the old, tired and fumblingly authoritarian one of Bush, on the surface, may have seemed stark.

Regardless of brand legitimacy, millions of people were tired of Bush and his wars, tired of the manufactured clown-show that was the Bush administration and the way with which he was so cavalier with his disregard for personal privacy and ultimately human life. More importantly, though, people, including many Republicans at home, were beginning to glimpse through cracks in the façade.

Pew Research

The murderous oppressive truth of what holds the Amerikkkan WSIC project together was beginning to peak out from behind the shadows.

Pew Research

The monstrous policies of the Bush administration, both at home and abroad, were having the unintended result of exposing openly what Amerikkka has always been – a project of defense of the WSIC status quo – and something needed to be done to pacify the righteous anger that was broadly and organically generating in the wake of that awareness.

And so, as though a scheme concocted in some smokey backroom by slack-jawed Klanners and ruling class tycoon bosses, the WSIC ruling class saw fit to utilize the brand and talents of the junior senator from Illinois as its new form of defense. He would successfully check all the form and rhetorical style boxes craved by so many petit bourgeois liberal academics and suburbanites long put off by the seemingly stumbling nature of Bush’s wars as well as his finely constructed “clumsy” rhetorical style. And, this Black junior senator would, it was clearly assumed, pacify the ever-present street level desperation and anger of poor black and brown people consistently inherent to the Amerikkkan project. While people may not have confidently said it out loud, the presumption was that he would not only end the wars but, by dint of his own blackness inhabiting the White House, racism in Amerikkka could somehow be finally declared ipso facto “no longer a thing”.

That’s not quite how it went.

I remember hearing Obama referred to somewhere as the “velvet hammer”? Yeah, that! That is to say, an aesthetically less blunt seemingly more sophisticated and intellectually pleasing version of the defense of the Amerikkkan WSIC status quo (not so unlike the snuggly-wuggly style of Reagan) is what we got, as opposed to some altruistic force of good for any poor and suffering people at home or around the globe.

So, what of the wars, the Amerikkkan racism, and what of the “legacy” of the first black President?

Well, it’s no secret at all that he ended neither war. As stated above, both wars continue to this day (Biden has promised to pull all “troops” out of Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021, yet he’s leaving thousands of private for-profit mercenaries, er “contractors”, in place to perpetuate that leg of the forever war.

As to legacy, from my house, I see essentially three things that should be listed when talking about Obama’s 1) Romney-care; 2) WS terrorists being allowed to forcibly occupy federal lands; and 3) an overtly militarized response to a suffering community looking for answers in the wake of the brutal murder of Michael Brown, another unarmed black man killed at the hands of Police. In short, same as it ever was in the maintenance and perpetuation of the Amerikkkan WSIC status quo.

To properly understand the Obama Administration’s role in the defense of the WS status quo, one might benefit from understanding the “Overton Window” in respect to the modern Imperialist Capitalist reality.

The Oxford Dictionary describes the Overton Window as:

“The spectrum of ideas on public policy and social issues considered acceptable by the general public at a given time.”

Under 21st century Imperialist Capitalism that spectrum, described commonly as stretching from Right to Left, one could argue, and I often do, is best described as:

The Right:

The open, full-fledged and full-throated defense of the WSIC status quo (as well as the elite that comprise that demographic) at any and all costs. That status quo facilitated by the manufacturing, exploitation and perpetuation of race/gender/class distinctions/divisions among the working masses, and by the violent suppression and exploitation of those same masses. Fascism, of course, being the most brutal and brazen defense mechanism of the Right-Wing socio-political project.

The Left:

Advocation for the absolute abolishment of Capitalism as well as the race/gender/class distinctions and stratification inherent to the existence and perpetuation of a WSIC status quo (and the elite that comprise that demographic). The material means of existence under, as well as the mode for abolishment of, that WSIC status quo often best described and exemplified by philosophies commonly expressed by most Anarchist and Communist Socialists.

The Center (or Progressive Liberalism/Social Democracy):

The notion that various restrictions can be put on, or that economic and social compromises can be made with, the WSIC status quo elite as some form of defense of or benefit to the broader mass it exists by way of exploiting. While the Centrist can recognize the inherent exploitive nature of a Capitalist ruling class elite, they purpose to redistribute portions of that elite’s wealth while attempting to restrict some forms of its violent oppression of the masses, for the supposed benefit of that exploited mass. While, of course, allowing that violently exploitive WSIC status quo elite to exist in perpetuity. 

While feverishly labeled as a “radical leftist” and a “socialist” by so many right wingers, Obama would clearly have been better described as meeting the Centrist model of defense of the WSIC status quo. It’s laughable even that any of his policies could ever have been described as being indicative of any sort of radical anti-capitalist, anti-status quo “Leftism”. A brief examination of his three-point legacy (asserted above) should bring further clarity to the claim of his otherwise obvious Centrist, pro-capitalist, Overton distinction.

Obama’s Right Wing Republican Romney-Care

Obama, the supposed “Socialist with a radical leftist agenda” (but with a real-life super majority on both sides of Congress) spent the entirety of his first two years passing the Heritage Foundation’s (a Right Wing think tank) proposal for Amerikkka’s national health care system – one famously previously championed by that well-known wealthy Right Winger from Utah, Mitt Romney. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), euphemistically known as “Obamacare”, was in fact a brazen appeasement of the health insurance industry (a prominent wing of the US-WSIC status quo), packaged as some “massive overhaul” of the US Health Care system.

It did do some things that broadened some people’s access to health care while leaving millions of others out in the cold, but of course did ultimately little if anything at all to threaten the stranglehold the Pharmaceutical/Insurance lobby/industry have over each individual’s access to life saving health care.

Regardless of its otherwise arguably lack-luster impact on the people, “Obamacare” was demonized in the heavily funded right wing propaganda mills as some all-out assault by the “Socialist Extremist” Obama administration on every American’s individual personal freedom. It was daily labeled as “Obama’s Muslim encroachment”, or an “attack on the Constitution”, or even as an attack on the very “Christian way of life” itself.

While none of those obviously outlandish accusations managed to derail Obama’s passing of what was ultimately a watered-down version of Romney-care, it did solidify the idea of some supposed “existential threat” in the minds of all those more conducive to imbibing far right stochastic terrorist media.

But that threat wasn’t necessarily perceived as being the ACA in and of itself, rather it was, in the minds of the stochastically trained terrorist at home, evidence of a much larger “plot” or “agenda”. An agenda supposedly conceived in the darkest recesses of the vast conspiracy between the most nefarious elements of the Satanic, Socialist and Muslim worlds all coming together to attack the freedom of every average Billy-Joe Sue Bob Karen right there in their very own living rooms at home. Many might even recall Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s grossly irresponsible and demonstrably false claims of supposed ACA “Death Panels” that were going to come for everyone’s grandparents.

The ACA came for no one’s grandma. The ACA took no one’s freedom away. The ACA attacked no one at home. And no one was forced to be a Satanic Muslim Communist because of the ACA. It did, however, end the ability of Insurance companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions and allowed access to health insurance to a greater number of people. Some people who had no health care got some because of Obamacare, while others didn’t. But the process of its passing and the propaganda that proliferated around it served two very important purposes alluded to already.

1), The ACA made sure that the immense profits generated for CEO’s and shareholders in the Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries would continue to spring eternal while simultaneously creating the illusion of some sort of threat to the status quo of a foundationally for-profit health care system. And, 2), that illusion of threat contributed significantly to the solidification of deeply paranoid notions of an existential threat posed by leftists to the average “normal god-fearin’ American” at home in the minds of so many budding right wing stochastic terrorists.

All the anti-leftist propaganda surrounding the first ever Black President’s first and only piece of significant legislation served to embolden the street level WS community as their numbers swelled in those eight years – made most evident by the rise of the so-called Tea-Party – setting the stage for the alarmingly broad embrace of all the toxic demagoguery and bigotry of the coming Trump administration.  But that will be addressed further in Part Three.

First, there are two other notable moments in the Obama years that should further illustrate the nature of Obama’s all too familiar form of defense of the US-WSIC status quo, as well as create the groundwork conducive to ushering in the Trump era.

Ferguson – Obama Takes the New Police State Toys Out for a Ride

Michael Brown had been walking in the street with a friend when police confronted them. Police say that Brown attacked officer Darren Wilson and tried to take his gun, but witnesses insist that he had his hands in the air when he was fatally shot. Police also note that Brown had stolen some cigars from a convenience store a few minutes earlier, though Officer Wilson did not know that at the time. What is indisputable is that Wilson shot and killed Brown, and that Brown was unarmed.

This story was painful, and familiar. In fact the only reason we know these details – the reason it is a story and not simply a statistic – is because of what happened next: The people of Ferguson, Missouri fought back.

Kristian Williams – Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America. Revised and updated. AK Press c. 2015. Pg.5

When I think of Ferguson, I think of the John Birch Society’s fear mongering and lies about the original civil rights movement of the late 50’s and early 60’s being some “Communist plot” to “stir up Blacks” and to “disrupt the American way of life”, while framing them as a threat to each individual suburbanite watching on their TV sets at home.

When I think about the Obama administration’s militarized response to a wounded community standing in the street with nothing but pleas for change and an end to so much senseless murder, I think of the way the JBS and the Klan, ultimately parroted by nightly news sources, successfully framed those peaceful marches in the 60’s as the “negroes rioting again” backed by images of cops in rudimentary riot gear ushering some random Black man into the back of a van.

The truth of those actions, beyond the murky stink of the JBS and the Klan was that more often than not they had peacefully marched hand-in-hand singing “we shall overcome” while starring deep into the eyes of all the hate that racism could muster, and they had firehoses, dogs and batons, sometimes even guns, unleashed on them for it. Then had their peaceful march and the alarmingly violent response to it invariably and routinely declared a “riot” on the evening news.

To this day so many otherwise peaceful marches of the 50’s and 60s are still referred to as “riots”. To this day arbitrary distinctions are made along these lines, stereotyping the legacies of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X as being somehow emblematic of the supposed “two sides” of protest – the “good and peaceful” protestor being commonly equated with MLK, while the supposed “rioter” or “looter” being grossly equated with Malcom X.

While none of these fear mongering stereotypes were ever even remotely accurate, and while the distinctions between MLK’s and Malcom’s brands of response to the violent oppression of the WSIC status quo were far less distinct than bourgeois revisionists may have you believe, those false and inherently divisive narratives persist nonetheless. Those narratives clearly set the “historic” framework for modern responses to protest. Those same old patterns of lies and brutality – backed by the modern mastery of the at best half-measure – have only been emboldened by 21st century machinery, armaments and rhetorical tools, especially post the recent creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

In his account of Ferguson, author Kristian Williams goes on to say:

The cops wore camouflage fatigues and body armor; some carried assault rifles, even aiming them at protestors. They blocked off streets with armored cars, set up sniper’s nests, and filled middle-class neighborhoods with tear gas. In an effort to de-escalate, the Missouri State Highway Patrol took over crowd control… Soon the governor imposed a curfew and deployed the National Guard. Amnesty International sent observers and called for an investigation into the police action. Navy Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a statement “condemn[ing] the excessive use of force by police,” “call[ing] for the right of protest to be respected,” and accused the United States of practicing “apartheid”.

idid. pg 6

This response sounds all too familiar, all too commonplace, from our modern perspective given the Police response to the year of protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and more recently the murders of Adam Toledo and Duante Wright. Night after night we have seen people demanding justice for the murder of these and countless others be met with a brutal militarized response from policing bodies all over the country. Night after night we see heavily funded media outlets paint these oppressed communities crying out for real change as “rioters” and “looters” “destroying American cities” as led by the so-called “bad protestors” ala that age old divisive trope spuriously ascribed to MLK and Malcom X described above.

While comparisons to the very real and very long history of misinformation, demonization and violent treatment of demonstrators in the 50’s and 60’s can clearly be drawn in the response to Ferguson, make no mistake, this was a brazen escalation in the militarily mechanized manner of response. This was the first real flex of the muscle recently created by the DHS and the massive expansion of a heavily militarized national police force created in the wake of 9/11. This was different, but the reason the Obama administration employed it was clearly not new or different at all – defense of the WSIC status quo by any means necessary.

Another element to this story that wasn’t new, was the far-right stochastic terrorist response to it. After consuming daily doses of media framing the brutal oppression of the people of Ferguson as them “rioting”, backed by captivating images of tear gas, police barricades and police tanks overtaking the streets, like good little wind-up fasci-squads, elements of the stochastic terrorist right wing took it upon themselves to descend on Ferguson to “protect” Amerikkka from the actual targets of all this violent oppression.

We’ll return to the Klan, but first, the Obama administration had platitudes and toothless half-measures to get busy on. Williams goes on to write:

Clearly worried, the White House began calling civil rights leaders around the country – 1,050 of them – “to enlist these participants to help keep the situation calm and focused.”

ibid pg. 6

Calm and focused for who, exactly? The Pigs causing the violence, or for the protestors demanding justice, again, in the aftermath of yet another murdered Black person? In reality the focus should be simple: stop murdering Black and Brown people and don’t use tanks on us when we get upset that you keep murdering Black and Brown people. But, when the Obama administration calls for calm and focus, they mean focus on silencing the protest in a way that is most palatable to joe-liberal-pretend-to-be pissed-off petit bourgeois latte stans at home. No calls – by the administration that oversaw the warzone/militarized occupation of Ferguson – were ever made to address the systemic nature of the root cause of all that led to Ferguson. But I digress:

Mediators from the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service facilitated town hall meetings, invited in Ferguson residents, police, and city officials – but excluded the media. Some members of the clergy took to the streets to urge peace, a few even calling for an end to protests altogether…


Calls were made to end the protests even though literally no change had been instituted and none of the protestors’ grievances were ever addressed other than by vague lip service facilitated by ears def to systemic realities. And, oh yeah, the Klan:

Meanwhile, the right-leaning militia-style Oath Keepers started sending armed volunteers to guard area businesses, and the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan issued a warning to “the terrorists masquerading as ‘peaceful protestors,’” threatening them with “lethal force.” A separate Klan group, the New Empire Knights, claimed to be “guarding homes and businesses of whites that feel threatened,” and held a fundraiser for Officer Wilson: “All money will go to the cop who did his job against a negro criminal.”


Aside from the age-old terrorist targeting tactics of the Klan, aside from the rolling daily violence of the militarized Police State brought fully to bare on them, the people of Ferguson were also subjected to, depending on sources, anywhere from 151 to as many as 310 actual arrests – most for vague, non-violent misdemeanor “offenses”.

Compare those numbers of arrests of people armed at best with rocks and bottles, to the way the Obama administration reacted to the heavily armed and openly insurrectionary violent activities of the Militia, not only in Ferguson but most notably in response to those that followed the example and leadership of the stochastic terrorist movement growing around the Bundy family of Nevada.

Dipping Terrorist Toes into Insurrectionary Waters – The Bundy Militia and Mt Malheur

Under Obama’s watch, Cliven Bundy and his son Ammon Bundy, two privileged af, racist ass ranchers from Nevada would become a galvanizing force behind the organization of what we now recognize as Amerikkka’s very own nationally connected network of terrorist militias. What was once a mostly disparate, isolated and at best loosely connected network of various localized militia groups, 2nd amendment gun-show aficionados, and the decimated regional remnants of what was left of the late 80’s/early 90’s Neo Nazi bonehead scene finally come together in a more connected and frighteningly focused way in the final years of the Obama administration. And the Federal response to the heavily armed, insurrectionary rich white temper tantrum of the Bundy family and the WS terrorist militia movement that galvanized around them, would be as tellingly stark from the response to the poor people of Ferguson marching for an end to the actual murder of unarmed black people as any person could possibly imagine.

For an introductory glance at the facts and events pertaining to the relevance and rise of the Bundy family, a brief look at the bullet points as dropped on wiki should suffice:

The 2014 Bundy standoff was an armed confrontation between supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and law enforcement following a 21-year legal dispute in which the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) obtained court orders directing Bundy to pay over $1 million in withheld grazing fees for Bundy’s use of federally owned land adjacent to Bundy’s ranch in southeastern Nevada.

On March 27, 2014, 145,604 acres (589 km²) of federal land in Clark County were temporarily closed for the “capture, impound, and removal of trespass cattle.” BLM officials and law enforcement rangers began a roundup of such livestock on April 5, and Cliven Bundy’s son, Dave, was arrested.[2] On April 12, 2014, a group of protesters, some of them armed, approached the BLM “cattle gather.” Sheriff Doug Gillespie negotiated with Bundy and newly confirmed BLM director, Neil Kornze, who elected to release the cattle and de-escalate the situation. As of the end of 2015, Cliven Bundy continued to graze his cattle on federal land and still had not paid the grazing fees [emphasis added].

Hundreds of heavily armed terrorists pointed their weapons at law enforcement and demanded that a rich white family be allowed to profit from their disregard of the laws pertaining to public lands.  And they got exactly what they demanded, as opposed to being subjected to tear gas, rubber bullets and mass arrests on mostly vague premises and charges. What was the difference that created such demonstrably stark responses in Ferguson as opposed to Bundy ranch? While one movement dared to question the brutal cruelty of the WSIC status quo, the other was rooted firmly in defending the interests of one family that was clearly representative of it.

Emboldened by their successful rich white temper tantrum, Ammon Bundy and much of the terrorist militia that built up around him, set their sights on defending the familiar plight of a similar family of terrorists in Oregon resulting in the insurrectionary occupation of a bird sanctuary. High on the freedom that guns, inherited cash and being white afforded him, Ammon found a new cause to rally the WS terrorist militias behind.

Another similarly privileged rancher had also been held to account for disregarding basic laws related to public lands and had been sentenced for doing so. This, to any WS terrorist is a travesty of justice and freedom, so at the behest of Bundy they literally performed an armed occupation of a federal park.

Again, no tear gas, no tanks, no rubber bullets, no riot police in face-off formation, no mass arrests, no “apartheid” like response of any kind. After a lengthy occupation in which the occupiers were even allowed to receive mail and gifts and outside financial support, one of the leading terrorists behind the action was shot and killed after engaging in a brief high-speed chase followed by his attempt to draw his weapon on the pigs that pursued. A handful of arrests did also follow, but Ammon and the militia that organized and networked around these first two tests of the insurrectionary waters, were now feeling emboldened, if not spry – ready to step it up, if you will.

“Same as It Ever Was | A Peoples History of Amerikkka”

The incoming administration would not only give them the catalyst by which to do just that, it would also signal yet another shift of the Amerikkkan minions of stochastic terror from focus on the government, back to focus on the most marginalized and thereby most vulnerable members of our local communities.

Donald Trump would take the historic “dog-whistle” handling of the Amerikkkan street level stochastic terrorist movement and turn it on its head. He would all but drop the dog-whistles and would openly and loudly embrace not only the most volatile and conspiracy theory driven narratives of the far right, he would also become the culmination of generations of demagoguery and fear mongering from both the Democratic and Republican administrations as described in this series. Trump would oafishly, but with alarming success, proudly proclaim out loud all the quietly spoken building blocks of bigoted demagoguery and scapegoating, created one on top of another, by each successive administration to precede him.

End of part two.

Source: Idavox.com