July 13, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)


           So dangerous bumbling Boris and his privileged band of brigands have decide to remove all Covid restrictions in England, his timing for doing this is when cases of Covid are rising rapidly in ever part of the country. Most experts state that this is risky and could be dangerous, so much for following the science. One expert in the field of infections has stated that no other country in the world has attempted this while cases are rising, oh dear. Estimates of the outcome of this action vary from expert to expert, as to be expected as it has never been done before. Estimates bounce around reaching 100,000 infections a day, 1,000 daily admissions to hospitals and a possible 100 to 200 deaths a day, with the resultant disruption to the NHS normal services. One expert compared dangerous bumbling Boris’s action like taking the control rods out of a nuclear reactor. Pro. Chris Whitty has stated, “The slower we take it, the fewer people will have Covid, the smaller the peak will be and the smaller the number of people who will go into hospital and die.” and dangerous bumbling Boris response to all of this is let it rip.

         There is only one reason for lifting the restrictions, the economy. His rich corporate backers have obviously been having a wee word in his ear, whispering, “We need to start making more money again, get the peasants back out there working and spending.” Another thought that will guide him in this decision is the fact that his financial Mafia friends will be wanting him to get the tax revenues up so that the peasants can start to pay off the massive debt, also think austerity. One thing you can be sure of, his actions never have the welfare of the ordinary people in mind. 

      Call me cynical, but it sounds very much like a policy of herd immunity, let the bodies pile high, eventually the weak and vulnerable will be eliminated and society will be immune. Then we can get on with the usual exploitation and money making for the pampered privileged parasite class.

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com