We bring you an overview of activities in the past year. Download, print, glue and distribute. Help spread anarchy, equality and solidarity on the streets! —- The Ostrava Anarchist Federation (OAF) was established in the autumn of 2016 on the initiative of North Moravian anarchists (especially from Ostrava, Frýdek-Místek, Ceský Tešín and Orlová). The main impetus for the establishment of the OAF was the repression against the anarchist movement, which grew into political processes through the Phoenix case. This created a platform for better coordination of anarchist activities in the region. Even in 2020, when the world was hit by a coronavirus pandemic, OAF did not lag behind.
OAF in the streets
In January, activists from Kolektiv 161 once again honored the memory of the murdered anti-fascist Honza Kucera with a memorial picket. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, public activity slowed, but anarchists were active in solidarity initiatives. Many thanks are especially due to the Food not bombs groups, which distributed food to the homeless even at the time of the curfew. Otherwise, they would be completely without resources. During the autumn lockdown, activists and activists in the center of Ostrava supported the Polish anti-government and feminist movement through pickets. Autonomous and anarchist groups also took part in two demonstrations that took place in the summer. One was directed against the incinerator, the other supported the Black Lives Matter movement, which was born in the USA after a police murder.

Publishing activities

We also regularly updated our website during 2020. In addition to several reviews of new publications by Subverze, there were also three exclusive interviews. Petra Dvoráková and I talked about the riots in Poland, we introduced a new group, the Workers’ Initiative, and we talked with the Belarusian anarchists from the Revolutionary Action about the protests against Alexander Lukashenko. We also informed about the insurgent commune, which was established in the summer in Seattle, USA. We have also added a commentary on the disgusting media manipulations and hoaxes that flooded the Czech mass media as part of an anarchist experiment in the USA.

Looking back

We also do not forget about events from the past. Exactly twenty years ago in Prague, tens of thousands of people opposed a meeting of the International Monetary Fund, which we recalled with contemporary articles on the torture of demonstrators at police stations and the subsequent censorship of these events in the media. We also commemorated the anniversary of the assassination of the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas and looked back at the 2003 leaflet event of the Organization of Revolutionary Anarchists – Solidarity in Ostrava. However, memories of past struggles must not lead to entanglement in nostalgia – they should become an inspiration for the next ones.

Join us

If the ideas of anarchism are close to you and you want to support us in direct events, publishing activities, cooking food for the homeless, putting up posters, organizing lectures and concerts, setting up solidarity groups or any other bottom-up activities, do not hesitate to contact us. Anarchist initiatives are important at a time when screws are being tightened under the pretext of fighting coronavirus.

Činnost OAF v roce 2020 | Ostravská anarchistická federace (noblogs.org)

Source: Awsm.nz