August 2, 2021
From Anarchist News

Not so much a review, but a blurb...but hey, slow week.

from Eco Revolt by Julian Langer

Seaweed’s collection of proverbs is not a book, it is a cartography. It is a cartography of a space that is wild, sensuous, feeling, desiring, striving, willing, and fighting, amidst the machinery of Leviathan. There is no argument, debate or reasoning to this, as there is no need for argument, debate or reasoning – it is a work of honest, caring, loving, destructive expression; that I experienced as like drinking mead, on a sunny day, with bird song surrounding me.

Seaweed affirms that “(f)ree wanderers spread anarchy”; that “(a) cluster of free wanderers is anarchy”; that “(n)ature is the marvelous that the surrealist seeks”; and that “(l)aughter is a formidable philosophical position”. Seaweed also reminded me that “(t)he tragedy of civilization is that self-creation is absent”; that “(i)ndividual refusal is the most urgent move”; and that “(d)iversity makes life interesting, technology erases difference” – all resonating intensely with my individualist-eco-anarchist perspective!

Seaweed has beautifully expressed their experience of mystical-eco-anarchy, and I am so glad to have read this. Certainly the best writing I have read from this writer and I hope for more like this!

You can order the book here –…