April 12, 2022
From Anarchist News

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

via Act for freedom now!

Yesterday,17/03/2022, Sardinian anarchist comrade and deported prisoner Davide Delogu was transferred from the prison of Vibo Valentia to that of Secondigliano. We learned he is well and his spirit remains high. He wants to ask those who correspond with him to write to the new address.

Davide Delogu
Via Roma Verso Scampia 350
80144 Naples (NA)

The Fund in Support of Sardinian Anarchist Deported Prisoner Davide Delogu is still active.
Account name: LAURA GARGIULO
IBAN: IT17I3608105138295981295990

sardegnaanarchica Translated by act for freedom now!

Source: Anarchistnews.org