March 31, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Chile. Two messages from subversive prisoners on hunger strike.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

March 29, permanent insurrection in all territories.

At the entrance of another March 29 where the rage of so many years of misery, so many Deaths, disappearances, violate and kidnappings bursts forth. We emphasize that we must not take this day as a festivity, because you have to take notice of the refractory and antagonic way that each individual considers his enemy, both in the daily life and in the real and constant struggle of the streets.

Therefore, today from Santiago 1, behind asphalt and its walls, the call has activated for street fighting in all territories; and so solidarize and attack for the spread of the insurrection in the company of the noise caused by the hands and hearts of each irreducible individual before reality and duty.

That the strike is spread and the permanent insurrection is organized during this new day of protest. Who forgets the prisoners, forgets the fight in itself!!!

Subversive prisoners and prisoners of the revolt on hunger strike, Santiago 1.

Seeking the Street. Informative of mobilization and hunger strike of subversive and anarchist prisoners.

Received by email.

March 29: Communiqué of Pablo Bahamonde Ortiz “Bear,” subversive prisoner on hunger strike from Santiago 1 jail.

On days like today are many brothers and sisters that come to memory… Time has passed, but at every moment of my life they are always present in my being, picking up all the experience and wisdom of their Steps. To mention each one would make for an extensive list, the diverse circumstances of their falls shows that times are not so different in how much the blows that power executes those who challenge the comfort of the powerful.

Blood, pain and rage is transformed into a path of destruction and creation that has no end. From this humble reflection, I take air and continue irreducibly.

Understand that imprisonment is just a probable scenario of the Life, for those who choose to break the normality and legality of power.

Punishment and isolation as a method of achieving repentments will be the result they will find for our undominated bodies and minds.

The continuity of the fight is a permanent construction, infinite and Multiform with insurrectionary and insolent character that confronts oppression, Misery and exploitation.

From this place, the call will always be for the exacerbation of the conflict, preparation, feeling and living subversive praxis, breaking the old, dogmatic, moralistic, patriarchal, authoritarian and toxic logics that only cause damage and mistrust inside collectives and conscious individuals.

Always, the struggle of our Brothers and Sisters kidnapped by the Status will be the task that complements the fight that daily thousands of You contribute to in the various spaces of offensive resistance.

It is urgent to multiply and strengthen complicity networks, generating various actions for demanding freedom without conditions for thousands of us that find ourselves behind these walls. Solidarity must give that exquisite offensive and combative jump that historically reflects Steps of thousands who have fallen in this fight.

The enemy day by day is lurking and it is time to return the blows… It’s time to put into practice that the control mechanisms will be unusable for those who assume the roads of total liberation with conscience and heart.

An embrace of complicity and insurrection to the Brothers and Sisters that Today are on strike, today we put our bodies as weapons facing once More against the State and its laws.

Combatant Youth, Permanent Insurrection!!! For the repeal of Article 9 and the Restitution of Article 1 ° Of Decree Law 321!!!

Release to the Street Comrade Marcelo Villarroel and All Political Prisoners, Subversive Prisoners, Anarchist Prisoners, Mapuche Liberation Prisoners and Prisoners of the Revolt!!!

As long as there is misery, there will be rebellion!!!

Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz “Bear”

Subversive prisoner of Villa France

Jail-company santiago 1

Maximum module

March 29, 2021.

Seeking the Street. Informative of mobilization and hunger strike of subversive and anarchist prisoners.

Received by email.