April 21, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         I find it mazing that a system can create an illusion, so far removed from reality as to be ridiculous, yet millions of ordinary people swallow it and even join groups and parties to support the illusion and in other cases take up arms to defend that phoney incredulous illusion. I am of course talking about “democracy”. There is a whole apparatus of parties, states and armies all prepared to defend something we have never had, something that has yet to be experienced in this society. They are defending a lie, an illusion, a fabricated theatre of smoke and mirrors. We live in a society of illusions. It is said in certain places the Greece was the cradle of democracy, a nice story that helps to hold the illusion together, Greece in those golden days at the birth of “democracy” was a slave owning society. Ah, so much for the definition of “democracy”.


       The following video is an accurate depiction of modern day Greek “democracy”. However, we know that all other states follow the same model and definition of “democracy”. 

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