November 23, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

            Day and daily, across the world in towns and cities people struggle to have a lifestyle of co-operation and mutual aid, free from the ever tightening shackles of the state and and its attendant thuggish support systems. The state has to have control over the population as it tries to create a society to suit the needs of the financial and corporate world. There is no room in such a society for liberated autonomous individuals and groups, the subservient population is the desired dream of both state and corporate capitalism, all serving the desire of the privileged and powerful as they pillage and plunder the Earth’s resources for their own personal gain. However the human spirt will resit subservience in a variety of ways from clandestine to open resistance and struggle, and that resistance is growing daily as the state’s repression and violence tries ever harder to repress and stifle that unending desire for freedom and justice for all.
         The state apparatus that controls the patch of the Earth’s surface labelled Greece by the power mongers, is always among those at the forefront of repressing that human desire for that world of caring and sharing, for peace between all cultures and for a society that sees to the needs of all our people. However the resilience of the ordinary people knows no bounds and will triumph in the end. Borders will fall, we will be brothers and sister, the world will be ours. 

The following from Enough is Enough:

       Information from struggles in the greek territory from the perspective of   Sy.Ka.Pro. 

Originally published by Communıty of Squatted Prosfygıka.

         The new season started in low-tension conflictuality with the government despite the fact that during summer huge fires burned one-third of Greek forests. And this destruction clearly occured with the responsibility of the government.
         In our squatted community of Prosfygika, on Alexandras Avenue, we run an intense campaign against the repression and gentrification of our neighborhood. We organized several info-events in squares for people to know that the state and the companies want to kick out hundreds of people from the communities houses.
On 5th October, we intervened to the leftist former-government radio station Kokkino and newspaper Avgi with the target to make them publish our statement. We specifically target this party because it is one of the main actor of the gentrification process, pushing the state mechanism to forward its plans.

          We also intervened on 14/10 to the main company owning the technical responsibility: Anaplasi ΑΕ (Aνάπλαση Α.Ε.) having as a president the mayor of Athens Kostas Bakogiannis. After our interventions “a crew” of Syriza officials, ex-president of Anaplasi A.E., wanna be athens mayor, and ex regional president came to our neighborhood to make research to prove that the neighborhood needs gentrification.
           This first period of campaign ended up October 16. with a demonstration from our neighborhood to the wider area of Ambelokipi. Even though we were not so numerous, we managed to follow a big route in central streets with full guarding equipped with helmets, sticks, gasmasks. Lately, a new law is getting imposed in Greece which is not allowing protestors to take the whole street but confining them to one street-lane or even in some cases to the pavement, surrounded by riot cops pressuring them. So the demonstrations became very tense.

         This campaign is a small preview and a warning addressed to the state, of what will happen if they attack to our neighborhood.
        At the same time, another anti-repression campaign was going on “against the obligatory DNA capture” also known as the case of the “14” with the general slogan “sabotage the state data”.
         Last year, anarchist students were arrested because they occupied a building of the Zografos University to protest against the lockout of Polytechnio. The police stated that they found in the squatted building a beer bottle with a male DNA samples matching another sample gathered after one of the 6 December 2014 the attack of cops. With the excuse of this ridiculous connection, they want to oblige the 14 arrested males comrades of the occupation to give their DNA. Denying it, they are now under the threat of arrestation.
          Based on this case, the anarchist movement, and especially the student part of it, launched a campaign with aggressive actions and public informative events. For the end of the campaign, we commonly organized a demonstration that should pass by all the univerisities of the Athens center. However, the demonstration was directly attacked by the riot cops with beatings and tear gas.

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