February 7, 2021
From Anarchy In The Burbs (USA)

Strategies & Tools:

Before anything: Threat Modeling! (see EFF site below)

Secure Messaging: Signal Private Messenger (texting), ProtonMail (emails), Jitsi Meet (video calls)

Safe Web Browsing (for both phones/computers): TorBrowser, Firefox, ProtonVPN or Mullvad VPN

Other apps/tools (for phone and/or computers): Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, DuckDuckGo, Riseup Pads, Cryptpad.fr, Jumbo

Security Culture conduct & agreements (see site below)

Other strategies: know-your rights, anti-doxing, social media, ephemerality tactics, & crypto-parties!

Key websites & Further reading:

PRISM Break prism-break.org/en/

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Digital Privacy (see “Tools”) — https://www.eff.org/pages/tools

EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defense –https://ssd.eff.org

Security in a Box –https://securityinabox.org/en/

Helpful Articles and Videos:

“What is Security Culture?”: https://crimethinc.com/2004/11/01/what-is-security-culture

“Your Phone is a Cop 2” (search up on):https://itsgoingdown.org

“Anti-Doxing Guide for Activists”: https://medium.com/@EqualityLabs/anti-doxing-guide-for-activists-facing-attacks-from-the-alt-right-ec6c290f543c‱TROUBLE Episode 5 on Doxing and State Surveillance: https://sub.media/video/trouble-5-you-are-being-watched/

“Quick Tip: How to Mask up”: https://vimeo.com/183849378

“30 Day Security Challenge”: https://www.operational-security.com/category/30-day-security-challenge/page/3/

For more info about doxxing/stalking, contact: armageddon@protonmail.com

Source: Anarchyintheburbs.noblogs.org