November 28, 2021
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There’s a lot that’s going on with 2020: The Dumpster Fire – of which one of the producers is Daryle Lamont Jenkins – but when you sue Trump and won and months later a federal indictment is looming over your wife’s head, it should give all of us cause for pause!

Rod Webber

Hello, film & activist friends.

I have just received notification that “2020: The Dumpster Fire” has been added to the Academy Awards screening room. My wife, Lauren Pespisa and I are also being considered by Prosecutors in Maine for a Federal Indictment, related to the filming of a promotional trailer for Dumpster Fire.

Many of you know me as a filmmaker— but for those unfamiliar, Lauren was well-known among Occupy circles going back ten years for being an outspoken participant in the Free Barrett Brown Campaign

In 2016, I covered hundreds of rallies creating my film “Flowers For Peace,” and worked throughout 2017 and 2018 to create my 2019 feature documentary “The Oppressed Majority,” about Super Happy Fun America. The film got myYouTube channel deleted for hate-speech, while explicitly being against it. (After five months of petitioning, I got it back.) During the course of filming, I made enemies with garden variety Neo-nazis like John Camden, (of NH American Guard) and Chris Hood from NSC-131, but more notably, Detective Andrew Creed. Meanwhile, two of Super Happy’s most prominent organizers Mark Sahady and Sue Ianni  keep making headlines for their part in the January 6th Insurrection.

But wait… There’s Proudboys… But we’ll get to that later.

Andy Creed, (one of the two Feds in question) is a Boston cop who has been deputized by the FBI as Joint Terrorism Task Force. The Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) are locally-based multi-agency partnerships between various federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies tasked with investigating terrorism and terrorism-related crimes.They were formed in 1980, but became truly out of hand after 9-11, going after Muslims and peace activists.

Creed first got caught collaborating with White Supremacists when Anonymous hackers leaked internal emails showing Detective Creed reaching out to help Rob O’Donovan of North East White Pride to organize one of their fascist rallies back in 2011. To no one’s surprise, Creed has been assigned to the Boston-area anti-lefty beat, and gets paid $170k a year to harass peace-activists and anyone left of center. 

Lauren and I are unsure exactly at what point we fell onto the radar of Agent Creed, but somehow this Boston Detective was deployed to Standing Rock (North Dakota), where I shot my film “The War of North Dakota” Also in 2016, my film crew and I were raided by the FBI at the RNC . I left a GoPro recording in the living room and caught agents on camera saying “they could get a warrant” after they had already busted into the house without permission. I was also subjected to an attempted swatting in 2017 by Super Happy’s previous incarnation “Boston Free Speech.” 

Prior to that, Lauren was investigated by the DOJ for her support of Barrett Brown. Whatever the case, Creed started to make his dislike of Lauren and I more clear in 2019. Around that time, Resist Marxism had re-branded themselves as Super Happy Fun America. Lauren and a few friends were having a bite to eat at Pizzeria Regina where they spotted Super Happy getting together for for a strategy meeting. Lauren and friends send out the bat-signal— so I showed up and started calling out bullshit. Suddenly, Creed appears and gets in my face and “orders” me to stop filming John Hugo and other organizers of the Straight Pride Parade.

Flash-forward to 2020. I taught himself to be a lawyer. Having never taken the bar-exam, I nonetheless acted as my own attorney, splitting my time between filing motions against Donald Trump in a civil suit and filming new material for “2020: The Dumpster Fire.” The lawsuit stemmed from an incident on the campaign trail where Donald Trump called on me to cite scripture. I recited a verse that angered the little Trumpkins— so they went and roughed me up after the rally. At the next one, I called Trump on his bullshit to his face, and that time I got attacked by Trump staff. Off-duty cops got involved. When I asked to press charges on the cops, they performed a retaliatory arrest. I went to jail— but then I also won the lawsuit, evoking the KKK act of 1871 and pointing out the off-duty cops collaborating with Trump’s goons was “working under color of law.”

Whereas “The Oppressed Majority” and “War of North Dakota” are just-the-facts documentaries, Lauren and I are some pretty serious pranksters when the occasion calls for it. Some of you may know my documentary “This Is Vermin Supreme.”  As the 2020 election was taking off, I trolled InfoWars’ Kaitlin Bennett. Not to be outdone, Vermin jumped into the fray and gets the Trumpers to chant “suck Trump’s cock.” Many amazing moments caught on film.

But, when COVID and the George Floyd protests popped off, I switched gears, posting four-hour live-streams of the fires in Minneapolis which were truly intense. As the city burned, I dodged rubber bullets from the cops, but was also ducking for cover from live rounds of ammunition as deranged Trumpers in pickup trucks sped by firing wildly at anyone in their way. I filmed National Guardsmen pulling a black man out of his car, and cops doing drive-by shootings on protesters. I traveled to Portland and DC, documenting too much craziness to process. 

But what got Lauren and I back on the Creed-radar is a Super Happy Fun America rally in Boston. We assembled a team consisting of Rod, Lauren, Embry Galen, Anthony Petrovich, and a couple others who will go unnamed. Making fun of Super Happy’s super-crappy name, we called ourselves the “Sacred Church of AntifA Soros Chaos Magick.” As a counter-protest, we held a ritual where Lauren portrayed journalist and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in the mid-1990s. As part of the skit, Lauren tore out Donald Trump’s “heart” ala Indiana Jones—  Trump being portrayed by Embry Galen. Later we all burned Trump in effigy along with a US Flag and some Blue Lives Matter flags. Everyone from Alex Jones to Andy Ngo to Ian Miles Cheong branded us as satanists. I was slapped with a bogus probable cause hearing— the cops falsifying their statements to make it look like I was some kind of monster, instead of someone engaged in first-amendment protected political protest. Once again, it was kicked out of court.

Flash forward once again to 2021 and the Trumpers have just done their January 6th thing. Days later, on January 13th, Agents Creed and Steven Kimball, (who is full FBI) approached me. This time, they’ve brought a Secret Service agent, Dave Kennedy. They bring up my legal victory against Trump, then outrageously accuse me of a plot to assassinate Donald Trump. Knowing that Agents Creed and Kimball know about our protest-props,  “The Giant-Trump Dicks” which we use to troll the Trumpers, I steered the conversation into talk of giant dicks, giant vaginas and porn star Ron Jeremy. Because… goddammit, I knew it would be too funny for me and embarrassing for them later if anything ever came of this.

Not only did the agents bring up the Trump lawsuit, it sounded like they didn’t go over what not to say— because one of them slipped up and admited that they came there because of an interview with a Proudboy. Not only are they there because of a Proudboy— probably Mark Sahady— they claimed it was because of a promotional trailer that we filmed for “2020: The Dumpster Fire.”

January 30th, and Creed & Kimball show up again, this time with a subpoena for me to testify against Lauren, who was made a “felon” because of drug use back in 2016. (She had a small amount over the legal limit, and plead to a beatable charge because she couldn’t afford a lawyer). An additional subpoena was delivered to Anthony Petrovich for a different date in February. This time, they are claiming that there was improper use of a firearm in the video— “because Lauren is a felon.” Agent Kimball appeared to be attempting a repeat of his performance in the Marathon Bomber trial. At that time, he quite infamously lied on the stand, nearly giving a win for the Bomber. He took quotes from Tosh.0 and Key & Peele out of context, trying to make it sound like they were statements by the Bomber. The defense easily caught him in the lie, and made him admit it.

So, we’ve got a White Supremacist JTTF agent— Agent Creed, a lying perjuring FBI agent, Agent Kimball, and a couple of filmmakers known for fighting (verbally) with Trumpers and neo-nazis in the streets. The Massachusetts prosecutor kicked the case out of court for being bogus. Undeterred, Creed and Kimball relentlessly harassed Dumpster Producer Embry Galen for being trans, getting them fired from their day job. In May, Creed & Kimball showed up to harass me once again saying they were “there to help.”

Then, Creed & Kimball went shopping for prosecutors in new states. In August, Embry and Anthony received subpoenas for Grand Juries in Maine. There were several more subpoenas for Grand Juries in September, October and November. One of the witnesses called me— seemingly out of guilt, saying they made him lie on the stand in order to get an immunity deal. He even posted his paperwork on Instagram to let the world know. 

Finally, Creed and Kimball showed up to follow me and Lauren and Daryle Lamont Jenkins at the latest Super Crappy rally in November. I engaged Creed about Creed working at Centerfold’s Strip Club in Boston in his spare time.

Our attorney sent 40 character witness statements to the prosecutor. He replied this week with what amounted to “fuck off.” So, we can probably expect more Grand Juries in December. 

The film has been picked up by Buffalo 8 Productions and is getting a multi-city theatrical release starting December 7th 2021 in NYC, at the Pelham Picture House. Dumpster Fire will be available for pre-orders December 26th, and the VOD flood gates open like the doors of the Capitol Building on January 6th, when it will be available on Apple TV+/ iTunes, VUDU, Amazon, and Google. 

Read more about the Grand Juries, and SIGN THE PETITION TO SHOW SUPPORT OF ROD AND LAUREN!!

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