February 1, 2021
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How Ancient DNA is Rewriting India’s Racist History |

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Why a 4,500-year-old skull is key to the politics of India …

http://www.scmp.com ›— Not since the middle of the 20th Century has racial purity been as dangerous … The 4,500 year old skull showed NO TRACE of the ARYANS’ DNA….

How Ancient DNA is Rewriting India’s History

– New DNA research on the Indus Valley civilization is changing what we know about the subcontinent’s early people. That affects modern people, too.

The studies are like dynamite under India’s present far right Government who base their supremacy claims on the Aryan myth, subverting the whole racist class and caste system.

Hindu Supremacism Turns Deadly in Delhi – — BJP far right Hindu nationalists claim that both Hindus and Muslims suffered in the violence. A rough count based on the official list of victims’ names suggests …

The ancient DNA studies destroy Racist Myths used for massive discrimination.

”While all nation states tend to be toxic, due to their monopoly of violence and extortion of the individual, the worst of all base their power on extreme nationalism, claims to be the ethnic master race, and institutionalizing their own superstitions as the State Religion”.

 Read the study by 92 named scientists in full Here,

”The make-up of Indus Valley periphery individuals is straightforward: a mixture of Iranian agriculturists and the South Asian hunter-gatherers, or Ancient Ancestral South Indians”…. ”This also means that the people of the Indus Valley Civilization are the bridge to most extant Indian populations”….

”(Not until) around the 2nd millennium BCE, did the Steppe pastoralists ( the origins of the Aryan Supremacy Myth) move south towards the subcontinent encountering the Indus Valley population ….who then extended south through India”.

An archaeologist looks at the remains of a chariot belonging to the Indus Valley civilisation at an excavation site in Baghpat. Photo: AFP

Genetic studies prove that Israelis and Palestinians have the same roots !

Blood brothers: Palestinians and Jews share genetic roots …www.haaretz.com › science-and-health › palestinians-and-…Oct 20, 2015 — Jews break down into three genetic groups, all of which have Middle … that Jews and Palestinians share: a deep attachment to the same sliver of land … and, as scientific research shows – a common genetic ancestry, as well.

Several major studies published in the past five years attest conclusively to these ancient hereditary links.

Palestinians, Israelis have the same ‘holy’ DNA

“The nearly identical genetic neighbors to most Jewish groups were the Palestinians, Israeli Bedouins, and Druze.

Are these genetic ties between Jews, Palestinians, Bedouin, and Druze important in a contemporary context? The Jews use their own religious heritage and history of extreme suffering to support a supremacy myth which justifies repressing and empoverishing those who are genetically the same people. “It doesn’t matter to me personally,” Skorecki says, “since I think that global human identity supersedes all other considerations.”

61 Palestinian demonstrators killed by Israelis’

The origin of Palestinians and their genetic relatedness with …pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › …The genetic profile of Palestinians has, for the first time, been studied and.. analyses reveal that Palestinians are genetically very close to Jews

“We want to know who we are and where we came from,” Ostrer, who is now studying cancer risks among Ashkenazi Jews and Northern Israeli Druze populations, sums up. Even so, shared ancestry doesn’t necessarily imply a special bond. As Ostrer notes, citing the Biblical tale of Cain and Abel, “the fact that people are related to one another doesn’t prevent their developing extreme hostility to one another.”

There’s no such thing as a ‘pure’ German or European

May 15, 2017 — Researchers are trying to extract DNA from skeletons buried in the … In fact, the German people have no unique genetic heritage to protect. … race” from Germany and northern Europe that they called Aryans. …

New studies show that almost all indigenous Europeans descend from at least three major migrations in the past 15,000 years, including two from the Middle East. Those migrants swept across Europe, mingled with previous immigrants, and then remixed to create the peoples of today.

Allied forces knew about Holocaust two years before discovery of  concentration camps, secret documents reveal | The Independent | The  Independent

How did the Nazis construct an Aryan identity myth? |…Feb 14, 2020 —

Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, argued that the German ‘Aryans’ were superior to all other races. Hitler became obsessed with ‘racial purity’ and this obsession with the invented Aryan myth led to the mass murder of millions of ‘inferior’ non Aryans and mass movements claiming white supremacy which continue today ..

“We can prove false this notion that anyone is pure,” says population geneticist Lynn Jorde of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Instead, almost all modern humans “have this incredibly complex history of mixing and mating and migration.”

In the 20th century, the Nazis added their own dark spin to the myth of Arminius, a German tribesman, who supposedly massacred legions of Romans, as part of an ancient pedigree of a “master race” from Germany and northern Europe that they called Aryans.

They used their theory of prehistory and archaeology and monopoly of State power to justify military claims to the Arminius’ tribe’s ancient homelands in Poland and Austria and organize the Holocaust.

Examining And Debunking The Aryan Invasion Myth

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