June 6, 2021
From Radical Archives

While an otherwise pretty good essay considering that one of its authors was the chief of the Eugene, Oregon police department, there is one line that has always stuck out to me:

“Many of the higher level [anarchist] organizers and activists have taken to traveling by bus or even airplane and many of them have traveled internationally, especially to Europe. Little is know of the financing structure for that kind of work. Funding sources such as voluntary contributions, book sales, “distros” (selling of shirts, symbols, etc.), and ‘zine sales appear to be the back-bone of financing.”

Keep selling those zines, kids – the higher level organizers are counting on you!

= = =

from Randy Borum and Chuck Tilby, “Anarchist Direct Actions: A Challenge for Law Enforcement,” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 28:210-233 (2005)

Source: Radicalarchives.org