August 22, 2020
From Atlanta Antifascists (USA)

Free Patriots Forever” arrive in Stone Mountain
Chris Hill of III% Security Force on right. (From footage by Ford Fischer/News2Share)

“Free Patriots Forever”: Judah Buggay in white hat and Confederate flag mask, Kenny Glisch in overalls, Jacob Buggay in gray shirt, Justin Koch in red shirt.
Zachery Tyler Hay with Confederate flag. Hay supports segregation. In 2019, Hay shouted white nationalist slogans, allegedly gave a Nazi salute and flashed his gun at an Alabama coffee shop.
Zac Hay to counter-protesters: “Y’all are the fuckin’ racists!” Soon after, he asked crowd: “What’s wrong with white nationalism?”
Sean Dunleavy in foreground. Greg Williams in background.
Jesse Mcleod waving Confederate flag
Wallace Glaze on left. Matthew Glaze on right.
Thomas Daniel Falin, Jr. AKA “Danny”
Thomas Daniel Falin, Jr. points firearm at counter-protesters. (Still from video by Stormy Henderson/ Bad n Red Media.)
Danny Falin shortly after pointing his gun at counter-protesters.

Gallery 2 0f 3 here.
Gallery 3 of 3 here.

If you have information on any August 15 far-Right rally participants, please get in contact.