On the eve of 1er May, Swedish and Dutch dockworkers are showing a fine internationalist spirit. They refused to unload a 42,000 tonnes Russian diesel tanker, the Sunny Liger, in the port of Amsterdam, one day after a similar action by dockers on Friday 29 April prevented the ship from entering the port of Rotterdam. Swedish dockers had already refused to unload the tanker, which then headed for the Netherlands.

The 42,000-tonne tanker Sunny Liger was anchored off Amsterdam on Saturday 30 April, while port companies were considering whether to enter the Dutch capital.

“Late last night [Saturday 30 April] we asked all parties in the port of Amsterdam not to let the ship dock and not to (process it)… Russia is financing the war in Ukraine with its cargo… Strange things have happened with this ship. This morning it was removed from the list of arrivals, but now it is back. We just don’t know where exactly the ship is going to go,” the FNV union said in a statement, thanking the Swedish dockers for boycotting the ship. “The ship will not enter the port of Amsterdam,” it added in a tweet. The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker left a week ago from Primorsk, near St Petersburg, Russia, with Amsterdam as its final destination, according to MarineTraffic.com.

FNV representative Niek Stam does not rule out the possibility of a demonstration in the port if the ship docks. The unrest around the presence of the ship could lead to demonstrators jumping into the water to block its entry, worry tugboat sailors. For its part, the Ukrainian embassy in the Netherlands has demanded that the Dutch government “immediately leave” the ship. Ukraine also appealed to the dockers in Amsterdam and the Netherlands : “Imitate your Swedish colleagues. Do not approach the Sunny Liger… Refuse to unload its cargo. Do not become an accomplice to an immoral trade that finances the murder of innocent Ukrainian women and children.

For the time being, the Sunny Liger is anchored off the Dutch coast.

1er May 2022

Patrick Le Tréhondat

Source: Laboursolidarity.org