November 25, 2020
From Non Serviam

As the USA and by extension the world frets over the American government’s ongoing pastime of presenting its game of snakes and ladders as hysterics, other concerns far more dire in affluence are being manicured and pedicured in broad daylight.

Billionaire Eric Schmidt, “previously” of Google’s board and its after the fact parent company Alphabet’s board, is taking his lifestyle of superyachts, Gulfstream jets and Manhattan penthouses further abroad to become a citizen of Cyprus. Now, this would allow him to workaround the pandemic travel restrictions currently barring U.S. citizens to, from and within the European Union as only millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires might exploit, but dual citizenship certainly makes money-laundering and tax-evasions that much simpler. Switching up his residency full-time can have darker implications, which is what I’m on about today.

Because soon after that story broke, it was announced that Google was plotting a new Europe-Asia path by way of establishing a fiber-optic network explicitly to connect Israel and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose differences of opinion go all the way back to which son Abraham loved more. Entirely unobserved by mainstream press was how, in all likelihood, this matter was in fact the big talking point when contested Israeli leader Netanyahu and his head of the Mossad more recently held a private meeting with outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and Saudi crown prince bin Salman on the grounds of NEOM, the impending, half-trillion-dollar Saudi smart-city. From day one the futuristic mega-city has kept an advisory board staffed by western tech moguls and redundant venture capitalists undoubtedly messed with precum, with Alphabet even planning its new world hub to be constructed therein. How any of this directly conflicts with the innovation board Schmidt chairs within the Pentagon, aimed at bringing Silicon Valley terms and conditions to the U.S. military, or how tech moguls beginning and ending with Google have endeared themselves into mutual codependency with the Intelligence Community as well, is a question paid professional media persons have noticeably never approached.

As I wrote a couple of years back,

Meanwhile in an abandoned factory out by the docks, journalist Ben Norton examines Mark Zuckerberg’s public confession of his Facebook company having always existed as a tool for the US government to control information and counter foreign actors, with Zuckerberg even bragging about interfering in both Russian and German politics, while seeing no conflicting ideals to signing on with a noted NeoCon war-profiteer to serve as a fact-checker for Facebook’s own news-feeds.

And not only Facebook, but Google and its subsidiary platform YouTube all evidently respond quite positively to up to 95 percent of Israeli requests to delete content it finds objectionable, contrary to all of their respective Terms of Service agreements, as well as the first amendment rights for Americans, although the deletions occur globally. Even nations who have been on the defensive for years against unprovoked US and Israeli forces, experience suppression courtesy of the working relationship between the Israeli state and US-based tech companies, so that western audiences are further frustrated from learning truth behind current and ongoing geopolitics. US-based multimillionaire execs are even free to contract Israeli intelligence firms explicitly to attack US citizens on US soil.

All of which, by the light of these recent developments, validates a theory I poised even further ago. If we could please consider efforts by billionaire-infused companies such as Blue Origin, SpaceX, SpaceIL and Virgin as procuring the astronomical Tea Company ships of tomorrow, for off-planet pillage and for off-planet plunder, then we should also perceive the Pentagon and the alphabet agencies/bureaus as Hessian mercenaries of today, working against the best interests of the American peoples by exploiting American resources to instead further inflate the ego-centrism of persons profiteering the Israeli government and persons profiteering the Saudi kingdom, made possible by those celebrated tech moguls like Schmidt in a clandestine, governmental civil-warring between old-fashioned nuke spooks and newfangled virtual spooks with both sides eager to cash the biggest checks they can no matter the life, liberty or pursuits of happiness which must be diminished to cover the costs. As that is expressly what is happening in real time, seamlessly from one Presidential freeloading administration to the next. Egos bow only to bigger egos, not to god and not to country. When the wealthiest people on the planet do not recognize the self-assured authority of any god or any country, then quaint expectations for your god and country to save you from the maddening plethora of side-effects rendered exclusively by said wealthiest people on the planet are exceptionally misguided.

Americans themselves have grown spent, by bang and by whimper as the reindeer games of their elected leaders remains afoot, yet still do they erroneously blame each other’s subset of the whole rather than the forces which bled them dry one and all, mentally, physically and financially. Holy fuck why are you still on social media, still voting, still praying for a leg up when you are exactly where everything you idolize desires you to be.