November 28, 2020
From Subversion 1312

The sedition was actually produced for the 4ZZZ program Eco Radio.

Well it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a podcast. I’ve been taking a break partly due to the craziness in the world and partly because I want one.

First up on the show is an interview with Izzy Brown about the protest and festival at the Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia.

The protestival was planned for the end of July but because of COVID-19 has been postponed until the end of September.

I went the the Vomit Cabaret the previous night so I play two performances from that. The song by The Songs Of Tom Smith leads nicely into a discussion about Ursula Le Guin’s book The Dispossessed.

The final major issue covered is the refugees who are detained in hotels in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Here in Brisbane there’s an ongoing blockade at the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel where activists are demanding freedom for the 120 men locked inside.

One of the men who is locked in the Mantra Hotel in Melbourne is Farhad Bandesh.

Farhad is a musician and artist. Being detained offshore and onshore for seven years has not stopped him making music and art. The show ends with his song Friendship.