October 13, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

            The cross party of MP’s report on the government’s, handling of the pandemic as, one of the UK’s worst ever public health failures, should not be put down to bungling incompetence alone. Certainly the bumbling Boris brigade have shown remarkable features of gross ignorance and fumbling stupidity, but let’s not forget that these people are shareholders in various business and have family and friends up to their necks in shareholding and share bonuses. So, like I and other’s have been saying since the start of the pandemic, the decisions at the start of the health crisis was always the economy. Lock-down could mean the loss of profits and their treasured share bonuses, so would have to be avoided at all cost. Unfortunately for us lesser mortals this meant thousands of unnecessary deaths among our friends neighbours and family. To their way of thinking that is better than businesses having to close down and profits to shrink.

Fit to lead WHAT?
            All through this covid19 pandemic, the economy has always taken priority over the health and well being of the people, decisions were always tinged with political dogma rather than sound scientific logic. Even when it came to lock down, billions of pounds were thrown to the corporate beast of their business friends, billions that you and I will have to pay back to the loan sharks of the financial Mafia. We will be asked to pay it back in increased taxes, prices, closing of public amenities, and of course selling of public assets to the corporate world, with the health service high on their list. This mountain of debt that will placed on our backs was not the furlough scheme, that was only peanuts to what went to the rich corporations and big businesses. Even yet large corporations that have made billions over the years are now bleating about increased energy prices and want the government to hand them more tax payers money to shore up their profit margins for the shareholders. I always thought that capitalism was you set up your business and exploit the public for profit, but when you don’t make a profit you go bust. Too big to fail, well take it over to public ownership. What about small businesses, if Joe’s Burger shop is losing money does he get a hand out of tax payers money to keep him in business? Strange sort of capitalism. Why don’t we all agree, the capitalist system doesn’t work, and simply bring it down. Whether it is Bumbling Boris and his merry band of profiteers, or Starmer, Knight of the Realm, that sits on the throne, the outcome is always the same, they do very well and we get shafted.

 Where do you think Keir’s loyalties lie?

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com