May 15, 2021
From Radical Guide

A Radical Guide helps produce the agitated podcast.

As you know from the previous post, agitated. launched on May 1 and has been gaining a great following.  This week, agitated. drops episode 2, featuring an interview with Eleanor Goldfield.

Eleanor is a creative activist, singer and writer. She is the founder and lead singer of the political hard rock band, Rooftop Revolutionaries. She is also the host and writer of the, Free Speech TV syndicated show, Act Out! which focuses on creative and grassroots activism and so much more that A Radial Guide will not get into here, because you can learn about it on episode two of agitated.

In addition, this weeks agitated. episode dives into the  state of resistance and organizing in West Virginia against the rapacious coal mining and fracking industries that have all but destroyed their communities and the land that sustains them and go deep on the meanings and usefulness of words and labels, like “activist” and “anarchist”…and art’s role in revolution.

If you haven’t already, head over the agitated site and subscribe, sign up, and do whatever is needed.    We hope you enjoy this episode of agitated.