August 27, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           The British establishment has been dominated by privileged parasites from Oxford and Cambridge universities since away back to the 1700’s. It seems that to be Prime minister of the UK you need to have attended one or other of these citadels of the class system. From Robert Walpole 1721-1742 Eton College- Cambridge, to Boris Johnson 2019-? Eton College- Oxford, the old school boys network has always held a firm grip over the power and privileges of this country. List of UK prime Ministers and their privileged education.
         As a rule to enter one of these Sausage factories of privilege and elitism, you have to go through their feeder system of private schools, so if you are thinking of sending your youngster on to the Oxbridge sausage factory rather than the local comprehensive down the road, in the hope that they will be Prime Minister of the UK, perhaps you should take a wee look at their annual fees:

Most Expensive Boarding Schools In The UK
Brighton College – £50,880
Queen Ethelburga’s College – £49,875
Oxford International College – £46,500
Concord College – £45,000
Cheltenham Ladies College – £43,170
Eton College – £42,501
Tonbridge School – £42,105
Harrow School – £41,775
Winchester College – £41,709
Charterhouse School – £40,695
Wycombe Abbey – £40,350
Roedean School – £39,915
Benenden School – £39,372

There will be extra costs involved of course.

        Each of these factories for the preservation of privilege and money generating enterprises will do their utmost to bring to its full potential any child that shows a glimmer of wealth.
        I think what I am trying to say is that there is not a whisper of democracy in this UK land of privileged parasites. Here it is put much simpler.

        The recent outrage over Oxbridge admission statistics, which show that a
disproportionate amount of the intake come from around London or the
South-East of England, is undoubtedly valid. Oxbridge is elitist. 40% of
students at Oxbridge came from private or independent schools. Only
1.5% of offers go to black British applicants compared with a nationwide
total of 3%. 80% of offers go to the most privileged students, whose
parents are employed in professional or managerial roles. Oxbridge is

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