January 30, 2021
From IWW Incarcerated Workers

On the Unit#6 at the Mens mental health facility EMCF in mississippi they have sixty four inmates. They have a total of six showers. For the past three and a half months four of those showers have been broken. Several inmates have complained to staff, maintenance and the Warden H. Portillo without any relief. It is a known fact throughout the prison that maintenance does not like to go to unit #6 to fix any maintenance issues so these issues go on for months and some never get fixed. Also, these inmates have not had haircuts since before Christmas. They are not able to bathe or groom themselves properly. This is a violation of their rights and needs to be addressed. This is only one example of the corruption at EMCF. This prison is corrupt down to the foundation and these inmates are at this specific facility because they struggle with mental illness. That is what makes this even more disheartening. I have a copy of a complaint from an inmate in this facility (anonymous of course). Please contact me to help me with this issue. It is ongoing and there is no sign that it will change. Thank you, Jane Juliet

Source: Incarceratedworkers.org