January 1, 1970
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

Finish off a lively & informative Bristol Black History Month 2020 (list of some of many events here) with the 6th protest called by All Black Lives Bristol.

Here’s the callout from All Black Lives Bristol on their FB page & here’s the FB eventMeet on College Green, central Bristol, for march at 2pm. Followed by rally & speakers on Castle Park.


To end our Black History Month celebrations we will be marching through Bristol City Centre once again.
Over the last month we have been given access to so many resources to better our knowledge on Black History but as we have seen, the fight is yet to be over.
From the issues in our own country with the recent vote against free school meals effecting young Black children to the EndSARS movement in Nigeria shining a light on police brutality, we need to show our solidarity by marching through the city.
As usual we will have a wide array of speakers discussing many topics involving all different Black lives, we encourage anyone who would like to speak to get in contact with us so we can get you involved.
Please bring PPE and come in groups of no bigger than 6 – we are still in a pandemic. Share on your socials and let your friends and family know.

This will be almost 5 months to the day since the first Bristol Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol on 7th June, which was the first of the 6 protests called so far by All Black Lives Bristol.
At the time of writing 4 people who participated in that first protest have been waiting over 5 weeks for the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) to make a decision on whether to charge them with anything, based on whatever nonsense that A&SPolice came up with to put in their file to the CPS.

So far, out of 18 people the police identified as participating in the protest, the police traced 10 people, and 6 of them have been handed a caution & £100 costs to pay. These 4 individuals, who are alleged to be part of a huge crowd of protesters that spontaneously tore down the Edward Colston statue, and dumped it in the harbour, must it seems be facing potentially more serious charges…although quite what they may have done that others didn’t do, is unclear?

At the last protest, on 4th October, protesters made a point of stopping at Bridewell police station, and making some noise – in solidarity with the persecuted protesters, and against police brutality. We should do that again! As we said way back on the 8th June – Solidarity with anyone persecuted for the removal of Colston. We all did it!


Source: Alternativebristol.com