July 24, 2021
From Cautiously Pessimistic

From the IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch:


For app-based workers like UberEats riders and Uber drivers, the threat of being TERMINATED (being permanently blocked from the app and having your income source suddenly shut off) is always present. We can be terminated even if we’ve worked in the job for 10 years with 100% customer satisfaction. 

We can be terminated for reasons as insignificant as an app glitch or a few late deliveries, and may be given no notice at all. For many of us, this is our full time job. We are typically given no chance to present our own side of the story or to appeal the decision.

As key workers we have served you throughout the pandemic, delivering food to those who are self isolating or providing riders to those avoiding public transport. Now we’re calling on you to help us fight for our dignity and job security.

We are calling for:

  1. A fair dismissals process for all app-based workers!
  2. That all unfairly terminated workers are re-instated immediately!

Bring your car, moped or bike and join UPHD and the IWGB Couriers on 26th July to demand an end to unfair terminations, and that all unfairly closed accounts be reopened NOW! We will be meeting at the ASDA Car Park in Stepney Green at 2pm and then driving together from there to the Uber Head Office at Aldgate Tower, please join us!

If you don’t have a car, moped or bike, and want to join directly at Uber Head Office, the address is Aldgate Tower, Aldgate East, E1 8QN.

That day will also see a demo in Street, Somerset, against “fire and rehire” plans at the shoe company Clarks.

A quick reminder of other upcoming events over the next week:

On Thursday 29th, there’s a “fight oppression globally, welcome refugees” protest at the Home Office, organised by the Uyghur Solidarity Campaign and supported by a number of other groups.

On Friday 30th, cleaners at Royal Parks will be striking over pay, conditions, and the reinstatement of a sacked colleague, in action co-ordinated between PCS and the grassroots union UVW. Rail Gourmet staff at Edinburgh have been taking strike action over bullying and harassment, with the next date scheduled for Saturday 31st, and that date also sees a call to occupy Peckham Green, where the local community are fighting to defend a park from being built over.

Source: Nothingiseverlost.wordpress.com