November 30, 2021
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english RUMOER #5

From Rumoer

The riots in Rotterdam (and shooting people by the cops there) happened just too late to still be analyzed or celebrated or…. But, luckily enough tasty things did make it to the paper. Good tips to destroy your mobile phone, a callout to refuse the corona pass, and also a conversation on the anarcho-blocks at demonstrations, ideas on housing struggle and of course lots of news from far away and really nearby. It has not been quiet in the world of pandemics, disasters, control, and exploitation, so we shouldn’t be quiet either.

Here it is: #5 English digitaal

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[editorial OCR’d by thecollective via PDF link]


In Den Haag some public transport ticket machines related to the arms industry were burned down, in Eswatini nurses refused to treat police officers after they had attacked them on ongoing protests, in France a couple of sweeties threw down some camera poles with a little help of a disc-cutter… And we could go on but you could also just you read more of our news section. What we just want to say: it has been neither quiet nor calm in the world of pandemics and disasters, in the system of control and exploitation. We shouldn’t be either.

It seems like RUMOER number five is not quiet or calm. Who would’ve thought we would come so far! For sure we did. proving all the fuckers wrong. It was us though that did not really expect for the housing struggle to become so big and ongoing. The developments are going quick and there are callouts for direct actions for the days to come. We have an article on gentrification and a sneaky recording of a living room conversation, mentioning black block tactics, complaining about police violence and anarchist presence on leftist demonstrations.

As we are a bit tired of our ever growing group of followers asking time and time again ‘why do you write’, we took some effort to tell you about it, both as a collective as trough some of our editors. Pippi, Joe, Nobody and Boy would like to hear your opion on this topic as well.

Another difficult question we couldn’t avoid was the corooooooonaaaaaaaa situation. We say let’s shit on the coronapass or at least wipe our ass with it and throw all QRcode controlling stuff in the canal, just like all sur­veillance camera’s, drones and smartphones in general. Belli!

You know, we’ve been missing you. Let’s meet again in the street, in the unexpected romantic riot, or in a plan­ned hit and run. Or just while painting the walls of this grey world with some weird graffiti or pretty posters.

‘Til then, take care, a big hug and strength xxx RUMOER

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