November 25, 2020
From Liebig34

Dance on the barricades!
October 4, 14.00-21.00
On October 9th Robocops want to invade our neighborhood and will try to steal the Liebig34 from us. That will be stressful!
Let’s enjoy the time together and show that we have fun while fighting!
Dorfplatz stays loud and dirty!
Soli-cocktails, Küfa, flea market in the info store and cool concerts!
with: “Esels Alptraum”, “Provokant und Sinnlich”, “The Inserts”, “Eat my Fear”, “Babsi Tollwut”, “Aptera”, “Anti-Corpos”, “DJ FÄTTI FÄTTI BUMM BUMM” (last chance to dance!)
You can have our hate, you will never get our laughter!