Hosted by Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
Tuesday, 21 September 2021 at 18:00 UTC+10

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With the national coronavirus outbreak spiralling out of control, thousands of hardcore anti-lockdown protesters have rallied in Australia’s capital cities and border towns. Ostensibly a protest against authoritarian government the content of the rallies has clearly been militant opposition to any public health measures, demanding the political establishment allow the spread of the pandemic under the guise of “freedom” and “opening up the economy”.

Not only have these rallies been riddled with anti-semitic conspiratorial signs and slogans, the Nazi thugs of the National Socialist Network (NSN) have been present, hoping to recruit to their vile organisation. Recent investigations by The Age have also highlighted the activities of the NSN in the past year.

With the virus spreading like wildfire through the country and lockdowns set to continue for some time yet, it appears that this chaotic movement may be gathering momentum and moving rapidly in an even more extreme right-wing direction. Given the presence of NSN activists at the rallies, what should be the attitude of anti-fascists to the movement and what can we do to counter it?

Join Campaign Against Racism and Fascism for a discussion on the recent revelations of far-right, and the anti-lockdown movement and how anti-fascists should respond today.

Source: Awsm.nz