July 22, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

Les Bure’lesques Festival : see you next year !

Our team was almost prepared to launch the 2021 edition. The festival was eagerly awaited for the 6-8 August. The program was packed and totally ready. As every year, several artists, speakers, filmmakers, technicians, local people and so on had accepted to join us for the festival. They were willing to give us their energy, creativity, expertise and lively stories. The collective kitchens and the local brewery were almost ready to start. The decoration team was fantastic and the cirquesters were about to install the tents on the large meadow whose the farmer-owner were eager to make it available for the festival. The mayors of the 2 villages were supporting us and ready to welcome us along La Saulx river, which is jeopardized by the nuclear-dump Cigéo project.

We were so enthousiastic to start the Festival, though the current events decided otherwise. We were thinking to set up a health protocol and to do our best to ensure the safety of everybody. Although the festival was not affected by the pass sanitaire/health pass (mandatory for more than 1000 people at the same time), the new bill is likely to force us to follow the pass sanitaire procedure for events starting from 50 people. We don’t accept to « check » people and to control the public: Les Bure’lesques has always been open to all. The pass sanitaire is an enormous hurdle to the warm and festive spirit of the festival.

It is with profound sadness that we have decided to cancel the 2021 edition and to postpone it. It is our hope that you all understand this heartbreaking decision.

Our eager is always the same! We will be back on a more ideal and less freedom-destroying summer. Keep on supporting our struggle and fighting against Cigéo!

The public inquiry for the Public Utility Declaration for Cigéo will start on 2021 autumn. The mobilization goes on! Events and actions are coming for the next months. So stay tuned! Follow us on https://bureburebure.info

Meuse county is beautiful and lively. And we are sure: there will be no nuclear waste here and anywhere!

Bure’lesques festival Team.


Source: Bureburebure.info