July 9, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

The antinuclear camp Les Rayonnantes will take place from 16 to 26 August near Bure. Knowledge sharing, self-training, discussions and trainings will take place during 10 days. Let’s make the most of this great moment and join even more of us on the weekend of Friday 20 to Monday 23 August to unite our forces and show ANDRA and the nuclear state that we will not let CIGEO, this deadly project, go ahead.

We are not only denouncing a bad “solution” for storing nuclear waste, but the whole nuclear industry, its colonial extractivism, its place in the capitalist economy, its weight in a military society.

The coming months are crucial. If the nuclear waste dump project is declared to be in the public interest this year, related works and expropriation procedures targeting residents, farmers and some opponents’ collective homes could begin.

To prevent this project and to stand up against the neo-colonial, military and capitalist nuclear industry, let’s gather! Like a cloud, we will fly through fields, villages and forests. Let’s imagine diverse, colourful and festive processions that reappropriate the territory. Let’s block the progress of the works, refuse expropriations, and build again!

To keep up the pressure, everyone is needed. And everyone is welcome! Linking our diverse struggles will only make us stronger. Despite the repression, let’s regain confidence. Confidence in ourselves, confidence in each other. And let’s go back to shouting outside that we don’t want this nuclear world.

Please note these dates already. Further information about these gatherings will follow in July.

Together we can be the grain of sand that will stop the nuclear machine!

Source: Bureburebure.info