August 2, 2021
From Anarchist News

Fifth Estate by request on Immediatism podcast

Here are five episodes of articles from Fifth Estate, by listener request. Immediatism intends to feature still-relevant articles from back-issues of both AJODA and Fifth Estate as regular programming from now on, right along with the books from Little Black Cart and other publishers/distros, and — of course!– listener requests.
Financial Advice for the Working Class (episode 579, below) suggests that we each adopt the state of being unemployed as a personal ethic and look for ways to live better on less money.
Survival of the Fittest? (episode 580) demonstrates that prehistoric peoples in various locations cared for at least some people who were differently-abled or had chronic conditions, as evidenced by graves in the fossil record.
Back to 1911 (episode 581) is a neo-Luddite piece describing that merely by going back to a lifestyle based on 1911, we would simplify our lives whilst still enjoying most of the conveniences to which we are accustomed.
Not Helpless Victims: Women in Prison (episode 582) describes some of the struggles and triumphs of women throughout the history of american prisons, including information about women who were imprisoned for self-defense or murdering their abusers.
Finally, Revolutionary Anarcho-Primitivism (episode 583) positions AP in relation to anarchism, characterizing them as differently-emphasized focuses that are closely related, and touches on the question of technology.

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Financial Advice for the Working Class: Unemployment, by John Hardin…
Survival of the Fittest? by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back…
Back to 1911: Temporal Autonomous Zones, by Peter Lamborn Wilson…
Not Helpless Victims: Women in Prison, by Victoria Law…
Revolutionary Anarcho-Primitivism, by Mark R. Seely…