November 25, 2021
From CopyRiot

A New Theory of Speculative Capital

The book’s central theme is to develop a new theory of speculative capital related to other forms of capital, the world market, and the state. Besides most Marxist and heterodox theories, the book distinguishes credit and fictitious capital from speculative capital to show its hegemony today in the capital markets. It structures and also controls the so-called „real capital.“ An exoteric Marx has been separated from an esoteric Marx. The method is Marxist and while also incorporating material from contemporary Marxist and heterodox authors like John Milios, Robert Meister, Tony Norfield, Li Puma, Harald Strauß, Michael Heinrich, Suhail Malik, Bichler/Nitzan or Ellie Ayache. The book criticizes a kind of Ricardian Marxism. Offering a comprehensive study of the logic and mode of existence of capital in the 21st century, the book will be of interest to  academics, students of monetary and financial economics alongside political economy.

Achim Szepanski is the founder of the Electronic Music Labels Force Inc., and Mille Plateaux. His research focuses on speculative capital. His recent publications are Capitalisation 1 & 2, Non-Marxism, Capital and Power in the 21st Century, Imperialism, State-Fascism and the War Machines of Capital, and Ultrabablack of Music. He is the Editor of the online magazine NON.  

published by Palgrave in March 2022