April 29, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

It’s remarkably difficult to dream beyond the borders of the ideologies and structures that we rage against while we still live under their hegemonic sway. Part of why we despise (or should!), say, patriarchy or capitalism is because to varying degrees, we are all socialized and misshaped by their violent logics.

Thus even with the clearest of “anarchist eyeglasses,” our vision of what’s possible becomes cloudy, unable to stretch toward horizons that let us glimpse, say, what a world without cops might look like, rather than continue to either have cops (even small ones) in our heads or call only for their abolition. This often is apparent, for instance, in rebellious urban redecoration efforts; it’s relatively easy on a walk to spot numerous #ACAB tags, but rare to see any #ArtOfResistance that articulates what we imagine instead of police.

If we don’t rigorously practice—even on the level of word choices…

Source: Wessexsolidarity.wordpress.com