AWSM Note: The following text was written by a comrade in Die Plattform, an Anarcho-Communist group in Germany.

By: Red-Burned-Boulet

This text aims at briefly outlining a class-conscious and anti-national perspective on today’s imperialism from the perspective of a “capitalist hub”. It does not claim to be a comprehensive analysis of imperialist history and explicitly declares its solidarity with the working class (1) worldwide. Furthermore, the aspect of colonialism (2) is deliberately left out, although it is often put in the same context as imperialism. This is done in order to better focus on the central theme.

Imperialism today is used as a capitalist tool. It is not the “final phase” of capitalism, instead it is the very core of what constitutes capitalism. The political class of a nation “expands” into new territories for economic reasons (if necessary by waging war) in the interest of and together with national capital. The goal is to expand or strengthen its “own” position in the world market against the competition. This is not a struggle of “nations” or “peoples” against each other or even a struggle of “good” against “evil” (3) (even if rulers want to claim this), it is simply the expansion of (monopolistic) national capital beyond the national “borders” which hamper economic growth. The goal is always the expansion of surplus value production, subjected to the iron-clad laws of capitalist growth, ie simply: the maximization of profit. The capitalist manner of production is the crisis itself. Capitalism produces until its collapse (whether Keynes, Smith or anyone else serves as a guide to the political class), in an ever-recurring crisis due to overproduction (though the exact timing may not be predictable), which leads to the impoverishment of the wage-earning class, far beyond the existing miserable conditions. But the root of the evil is not some “foreign power”, or “foreign peoples”, not even the capitalists themselves are to blame (though we still aim to overthrow them). There is a reason why Karl Marx titled his book “Capital” and not “Capitalists”. Capitalism as the economic and social order is responsible for endless production and the subsequent exploitation of the wage-dependent class. It is not the capitalists who “make” capitalism,

The nation (4) is a precondition for imperialist activity and “national liberation” (5) is not the way forward. It is an aberration that goes in circles. The nation, the “Volk” (not to be confused with, for example, Pueblo or People) is a social construct that always carries with it the identification of the foreign, of an evil which affects the “national body”. It generates racism, antiziganism and anti-semitism, nations fantasize about a good existence which is being corrupted by the “foreign” and at the same time negate that there is anything wrong with the ruling class.

So what is to be done against today’s imperialism? With the awareness that it doesn’t matter in which pubs I work and in which ones I drink, one thing always remains the same: the conditions of production of capitalist reality. The consciousness about the fact that the capitalist conditions are the enemy. With this knowledge, we must fight imperialism. The struggle against imperialism is a class-conscious one, with the understanding of the explicit class relations of the owning “bourgeoisie” and the “proletariat” selling its labor or being exploited in unpaid care work.

We must also be very aware that it is not the “financial sector” (6) that “destroys” a form of production that is usually good, the idea of ​​”good production” is nothing more than a figment of imagination in the existing wrong conditions set by capitalism.

To reiterate, capitalist production itself is the crisis. There is no difference or even antagonism between a supposedly “evil and ravenous” financial capital and a supposedly “good and constructive” producing capital.

The finance industry as we know it today exists because capital is being accumulated from the exploitation of the wage-earning class and the possibilities of continuously “financing” the exploitation of the wage-earning class through production has long reached its limit. Not only that, the false distinction between a supposed “reaping” and “producing”, capitalism paves a way straight to anti-Semitism and to a misdirected “critique of capitalism” (which does not, in fact, criticize but uses anti-human rethoric to cement the existing order).

The struggle against imperialism is a struggle against capitalism. It is the struggle for emancipation, the struggle against degradation to “human capital”, the struggle against objectification, the struggle towards the free individual! (7)

Anti-imperialism is class struggle, anti-capitalism is class struggle, class struggle is anti-national. Class struggle has one goal: to change the existing conditions.

May Day is coming, the day not of “labor”, the day of the wage-earning class, the day of class struggle, worldwide, in rejection of borders and other social constructs of inequality! The day is a symbol, based on the Haymarket strikes of 1886 in Chicago, the symbol of a united working class. See you in the streets!

Get organized against “Volk” and “Vaterland”! For more class struggle!


Class is an analytical category that results from the analysis of existing conditions. It does not serve to create identity, because although the bitter classist experiences virtually provoke a class identity, there is only one goal – the dissolution of all classes.
Colonialism: “Colonialism is a relationship of domination between collectives, in which fundamental decisions about the way of life of the colonized are made and actually enforced by a culturally different minority of colonial masters who are hardly willing to adapt, with priority given to external interests . In modern times, this is usually associated with broadcast ideological justification doctrines based on the colonial masters’ conviction of their own cultural superiority. “A definition to be discussed from: CH Beck Knowledge – Colonialism p.20
“The morality of capital lies buried in the logic of its circulation.” Karl Marx
Nation: “The nation is the territorial body that delineates the boundaries of location within world market competition. Furthermore, it serves as an ideological construct that provides the exploited classes with a supposed “reason” for the same. “Definition from the consensus of the platform, which refers exclusively to capitalism.
“The workers have no homeland. You cannot take from them what they do not have. “Karl Marx
“Since the amounts, prices and speed of circulation of commodities in circulation are subject to constant change, their circulation also requires sometimes less, sometimes more money. Reservoirs (containers) are therefore necessary, where money flows out of circulation and from where it comes back into circulation as needed. The most developed form of such supply and withdrawal channels of money, or treasuries, are the banks “(Johann Most – Capital and Labor). The producers, the traders and the banks are together indispensable factors for capitalism. The attempt to separate them shows ignorance of the capitalist economy. (see also anti-Semitism here). “Finance capital” is insurmountably intertwined with “producing capital”. One cannot exist without the other, they are two sides of the same coin. “From the capitalism consensus of the platform.
It is necessary to “overturn all relations in which man is a degraded, a subjugated, an abandoned, a contemptible being.” From “On the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right.” Karl Marx