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For health not wealth

August 15, 2021
From Tyneside Anarchist (UK)

Its early 1990 and nearing the end of the national ambulance workers dispute…

Class War No 38 with its cover in support of the ambulance workers,
was one of the most popular sold papers at Newcastle’s Monument
during this period, not only with a sympathetic public, but also with the
ambulance drivers themselves who stood alongside Tyneside Class War
collecting money. Large posters of the cover, when given to the drivers,
were adorning many a drivers workplace canteen we were assured.

Read more on this period, and in particular the response from local media and ‘health officials’ to the above cover in – Anarchism in North East England, 1882 – 1992. Available now from numerous ‘outlets’ including Active Distribution, PM Press, AK Press, Freedom Press / Bookshop, Five Leaves Bookshop, Amorphous Pieces, Ebay, Amazon ! etc etc etc


Notes.. ‘Newcastle’s Monument’ is an area in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne where regular public sales of Class War were carried out.

Kenneth Clarke was ‘Health secretary’ from 1988 to 1990.

Source: Tynesideanarchistarchive.wordpress.com
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