November 30, 2020
From Alternative Bristol (UK)

A former Tory councillor, who’s Gloucestershire based firm was awarded one of the larger PPE contracts from government – one that was without a competitive tender – has done ‘very, very well’ out of the pandemic;

Steve Dechan is the owner of Platform-14, which specialises in medical devices for people with chronic pain. The Gloucestershire firm recorded a loss of almost £500,000 last year. Dechan, 52, was awarded a £120m contract to supply masks in March, followed one in June worth £156m to supply gowns and masks. In neither case was there a competitive tender.  Last week The Sunday Times revealed that Dechan used some of the profits to buy a £1.5m grade II listed property in the Cotswolds, and pay himself £500,000.

This is one of many, many COVID deals the government has struck that appear a bit odd from the outside. There appears to be a worry of massive grift going on with this government – here’s another one;

An acquaintance and former neighbour of Matt Hancock is supplying the government with tens of millions of vials for NHS Covid-19 tests despite having had no previous experience of producing medical supplies. Alex Bourne, who used to run a pub close to Hancock’s former constituency home in Suffolk, said he initially offered his services to the UK health secretary several months ago by sending him a personal WhatsApp message.

One outlet that has been pushing this story hard is Byline Times and showing that it is not just in COVID, but all over the place;

Still, there are legal cases pending;