January 23, 2021
From Anarchist Black Cross London (UK)


The following letter, currently gaining widespread circulation, comes from one of those confined in yet another prison island black site designated for infinite detention of migrants. 
The letter speaks for itself, the unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, militarised security, numerous self-harm and suicide incidents, the unimpeded surge of covid-19 cases, all paired with the snarling home office injunctions to ‘follow the rules’ whilst, of course, systematically removing any shred of safety or dignity. 
Also attached is a little dossier compiled by Corporate Watch on the mafia subcontracting system which administers this dark network of dungeons and slums the Home Office disappears people in. 
The vultures of Clearsprings, G4S, Serco etc, every part of the border, personnel and infrastructure, the sociopath auctioneers of the tory cabinet, their reprehensible lackeys in the press, the wannabe fascist grifters making YouTube videos in advocacy of the ‘barracks solution’: blood stains the gears of their death-machine. Every single profiteer and collaborator all the way up and down the chain is an enemy— strength and love to the incarcerated who are standing for dignity and demanding their freedom—solidarity with those who shake the fences! 
Boundless solidarity to those incarcerated in ‘Napier Barracks’-Concentration Camp! Fire to every prison and the world that permits them!

Source: Network23.org