This Tuesday, November 9, Emmanuel Macron intervened in reaction to a new increase in the number of COVID cases. However, he announces almost nothing and rather spends his 30 minutes of speech defending his economic and health record, sketching a beginning of a program, and giving himself a stature of head of state to exist at the beginning of the campaign.

The third dose for 65s and a most misleading assessment of its action for health
The only measure announced tonight is to make the third dose of vaccine mandatory for anyone over 65. They have until December 15 to be injected, otherwise their health pass will no longer be valid.

Beyond this announcement, Emmanuel Macron will have especially blamed the possible new wave on unvaccinated people while praising the management of the crisis which has been most questionable. It is recalled that his government is responsible for the closure of 5,700 full hospital beds in 2020 in French health facilities!

However, he prides himself on having increased health care staff from 200 to 400 euros per month and of having invested massively in health, which is an outright lie. His “Segur of health” is a real sham. The revaluation, staggered in time and lower than what was announced, did not concern all the staff and all the measures announced did not meet any of the expectations of the caregivers who note on a daily basis the continuous and programmed dismantling of the public hospital service.

He also has the nerve to claim to have reduced precariousness, especially among young people, while student precariousness is exploding and he ended this summer the meal at the CROUS to one euro for non-scholarship students.

Start of the campaign and postponement of the pension reform after the presidential election
No doubt annoyed to be supplanted in the media by the campaign of the (almost) far-right candidate Zemmour, Macron took advantage of this speech to try to exist in this beginning of the campaign.

He spends long minutes defending his economic record, and praises his catastrophic reform of unemployment insurance in the process. He also gives himself an international dimension by insisting that he will soon take over the presidency of the European Union, whose security benefits he boasts. He is finally attacking his far-right rivals by warning of the return of nationalism, a height when it is his ministers who spread their reactionary ideas in the media and institutions.

As a program, it is always less democracy and more social breakdown that he promises us. Although he announces that he is postponing the pension reform until after the election, he promises that it will take place in 2022 with the end of special regimes, a postponement of the retirement age and an alignment of the public with the private.

While the current COP26 reminds us of the cowardice and denial of the ruling classes around the world in the face of the ongoing ecological catastrophe, Macron is going back on the state’s commitments by relaunching the construction of nuclear reactors, as a solution to climate change: once again, the productivist and capitalist model at the root of the problem is in no way questioned. He finally announces a programming law for internal security in preparation for early 2022, which “will ease bureaucratic constraints for the police”, including “which will give even more impunity to a police force that can already kill and maim without being worried”.

Whatever happens in 2022 we can expect tough struggles to preserve our rights. As for the management of the5th wave of COVID, the empty announcements will not make us forget the governmental and capitalist responsibility.

Libertarian Communist Union, November 9, 2021.

A Macron between after-sales service and campaign speeches (unioncommunistelibertaire.org)

Source: Awsm.nz