Since January 2021, the fight for the separation of the income of the spouse, civil union partner or cohabiting partner for the payment of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) has progressed well. If the adoption by the Senate of dissociation is a great victory, because of the fierce opposition of the LREM majority to this reform, the fight for autonomy is far from over.

It is thanks to the absence of the members of the majority that the bill [for the separation of the income of the spouse, civil union partner or cohabitant for the payment of the allowance for disabled adults ( AAH)] passed the National Assembly for the first time. […] It is not certain that LREM, however alone enough to defend the maintenance of the current system, again deserts the Assembly and thus allows the bill to pass during its second reading. […] ”  The government […] thus finds itself alone to refuse the evolution of the legislation  ” and ”  the strong injustice felt by the citizens in situation of handicap  “as explained on March 5 the National Union of Associations of Parents, People with Mental Disabilities and Their Friends (Unapei). In order to support the deconjugalization measure of the AAH calculation, it is therefore even more important to sign and massively share the petition on the site . […]

Financial dependence and domestic violence
However, while the first petition had ended up collecting the 100,000 signatures required, it is struggling to start and has, at the time of April 13, 2021, only around 15,000 signatures. Although the site announces a deadline of June 22, 2022, it is not possible to wait any longer for this separation, which has been requested for years by people with disabilities and disability associations.

As Senator LR Philippe Mouiller, rapporteur for the text, warned: “We  will need a strong mobilization drive from associations of disabled people for the text to be definitively voted  “. It is therefore particularly important to relay and support the initiatives of the associative world and disability activists to demand the de-maritalization of the calculation of the AAH.

If a first victory was obtained in the Senate, it is imperative to continue and even to intensify the mobilizations to give visibility to this demand. In Tourcoing, Maxime Bouchet, an EÉLV activist with a disability, thus staged a fictitious marriage with Katy Vuylsteker, EÉLV regional secretary, to denounce the injustice of the current calculation.

[…] Women under 25 with disabilities are those who are most at risk of being victims of domestic violence. The financial dependence imposed by the current method of calculating the AAH in couples thus provides a favorable ground for domestic violence. […] Even with a new method of calculation, the AAH, like the other social minima, remains still quite insufficient to live in suitable living conditions in view of all the additional expenses implied by the handicap. It will therefore be necessary both to seize the question of the deconjugalization of all social minima but also to demand their increase !

More than ever, a balance of power with the government must be built to obtain autonomy.

Libertarian Communist Union

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