This Thursday, October 7 at 2 p.m., 8 members of Collectifs Sans Papiers from Paris, who came to Montpellier for the counter-summit demonstrations where they and they had come to denounce the living conditions of the homeless. papers everywhere in France, were arrested by the national police when they got off their train in Montpellier Sud de France. Among them, 6 have already been released following the mobilization of numerous organizations and individuals in front of the Montpellier police station. 2 were sent to an administrative detention center (CRA).

We strongly denounce the abject methods of the prefecture of Montpellier upstream of this France-Africa summit which is once again revealed in its true face: the staging of the “ living forces ” of French and African “ civil society ” desired by the government and the town hall of Montpellier are nothing more than a facade aiming to make oppressions invisible. And among them, the treatment reserved for undocumented migrants, voluntarily kept in precariousness and underground by the government.

We denounce this arrest, which clearly aims to intimidate the members of the CSPs mobilized against this summit, when they came to join demonstrations declared in the prefecture, and came to demand humane living conditions.

Cancellation of the Africa-France summits, liberation and regularization of all undocumented migrants !

Libertarian Communist Union, October 8, 2021


Source: Awsm.nz