Every two months, Alternative libertaire proposes to decipher an expression of the far-right new language. Today “reinformation”.

Many online media today adorn themselves with the label of “reinformation”. At the origin of this concept we find a very former far-right activist, Henri de Lesquen, co-founder of the Club de l’horloge in the 70s, former president of Radio Courtoisie and now president of the National Liberal Party that he founded in 2017.

It was in 2007 that the first Bulletin de réinformation was broadcast on Radio Courtoisie, it was Jean-Yves le Gallou who was the figurehead. The latter is like his companion a senior official and enarch. Former grece, of the Club de l’horloge, close to Devedjian, he joined the FN in 1985 and became one of its executives, participated with Bruno Mégret in the foundation of the MNR in 1998. Since then it has been one of the influences of the Identitarians.

The Newsletter presents itself as one, if not the “dissident information channel” whose objective is “to counter the disinformation conveyed by the so-called traditional media”. From the beginning it will seek to rely on new technologies and in particular the famous forums of the site Jeuxvideos.com.

Today we find under the “label” of reinformation a whole galaxy of conspiracy, confusionist or frankly far-right sites that most often present themselves as “alternative”. Diverse in their content or in the display of their ideology, they all have in common to start from a necessarily a-classist (pseudo) criticism of the dominant and the mainstream media to then unfold a reactionary, racist or conspiracy thought.

For more information, please refer to the Far-Right Media Attention page on the La Horde website and also to the brochure Attention to far-right media !!! of the Union syndicale Solidaires.

V. Klemperer

Decryption #1: “Reinformation” (unioncommunistelibertaire.org)

Source: Awsm.nz