A new experiment with the National Universal Service (SNU) wanted by the Macron government took place this summer. It is part of the goal of generalizing it and making it compulsory by 2026, which would affect 800,000 young people. But what is the SNU ?

Keeping the pace of youth

The SNU is above all a means of recruiting the youth: flag raising, Marseillaise, uniform, military supervision, war song, submission to authority … We try to format the youth, to conform them, instead of him give the means to emancipate oneself !

The 6 billion euros per year used for the SNU could be invested in education, to open classes, student accommodation, to hire teachers or to increase scholarships as many high school and student unions demand.

A precarious workforce

The SNU also provides 84 hours of general interest missions, that is to say that we will be used to replace jobs which are currently occupied by employees and framed by labor law. The government will even encourage us to continue in civic service for a meager income .

With the generalization of the SNU, it will be always more complicated for us to find paid work in the summer. In addition, students supervising the SNU this summer have still not been paid. In short, it is a questioning of our salaries and our rights.

A way to encourage young people to get involved ?

We don’t need the state to get involved. We are already doing it: for the protection of the planet, the sharing of wealth, the right to study, to have decent housing but also against racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination …

On the contrary, the government represses us and tries to dismiss our demands which disturb it by imposing on us a nationalist and depoliticized commitment which serves the interests of the ruling class. Despite the ministry’s propaganda, we remain lucid: the SNU will be as boring as a JDC but over 15 days.

Let us continue to commit ourselves, for a more just society and against the SNU ! To do this, let’s invest in the united campaign against the SNU , stimulate local collectives of struggles, mobilize widely through our high school and student unions and build convergence with the organizations of parents of students, education and education staff. youth & sport.


Source: Awsm.nz