La Plume Noire, a UCL bookstore in Lyon, was attacked on Saturday March 20 by a fascist commando. It is an attack against the entire UCL, but, beyond that, against all the forces of progress and against our social camp. An attack that takes place in a nauseating climate where racist controversies are linked in the media, driven by the highest summit of the State.

The UCL took the initiative of a national appeal for support, broad and united, which received numerous signatures from unions, political organizations and parties, associations and collectives. A national event is planned in Lyon on Saturday April 3.

On Saturday March 20 at 2 p.m., the La Plume Noire bookstore located at 8 rue Diderot on the slopes of Croix-Rousse, was attacked by around fifty hooded far-right activists ; while a harvest of basic necessities was held in the premises for the beneficiaries of the PESE association (For Social Equality and Ecology).

This attack was premeditated, prepared since the announcement of the dissolution of Génération Identitaire on March 3, 2021.

This is not the first attack on our bookstore: in 1997, it was the victim of an arson ; in 2016, around thirty masked individuals broke the windows and tried to enter the premises ; in December 2020, two volunteers from the PESE association were beaten up.

This time, it was with cobblestones that the Nazilions smashed the front door and the windows ; some tried to enter to physically assault the 8 people inside. Fortunately, there were no injuries and the neighbors played a big part in preventing the attack from going on any longer. This attack was in the image of the extreme right in Lyon: sly and violent.

After making a few Nazi salutes and chanting homophobic insults, the attackers were able to leave in a group, cross several streets of the slopes before posing with a stolen banner on the front of the bookstore without being in any way disturbed by the police, however. warned of the attack.

Later, we learned from the police themselves that this dangerous group had been spotted early on and followed on surveillance cameras. However, they did not intervene and let them leave quietly after the attack … We do not expect anything from the armed wing of the State, but this tolerance towards these successive attacks is a new clear proof of the impunity of the people. extreme right-wing groups in Lyon.

We know full well that this attack has a direct link with the dissolution of Génération Identitaire, our political involvement against the extreme right and the symbolism that our bookstore represents.

Since the dissolution of GI, our social camp suspected that a violent action was being prepared either against a progressive demonstration, or against activists or identified groups. The message written on our storefront the night following the attack leaves no room for doubt: ” We do not dissolve a Generation, learn the lesson “, accompanied by a Celtic cross, a fascist symbol.

Our political involvement for years in unitary collectives fighting against far-right groups in Lyon makes us one of the permanent targets of the fascists and neo-Nazis in Lyon.

Our self-managed, libertarian bookstore is in fact a place of struggle against all hateful ideologies and a place of welcome for all of the oppressed.

Faced with these repeated attacks against our bookstore but also against those perpetrated against locals, actors and actresses of our social camp in Lyon and elsewhere ; we wish to organize a united and massive response with several objectives: to demonstrate to the local far-right that we will never allow ourselves to be intimidated by their violent actions ; that solidarity in the face of this violence is much greater and stronger than their desire to create fear ; that by a major mobilization, we will succeed in obtaining the final closure of their premises.

We would also like to thank you for all the messages of support received from Lyon, France and internationally ; which prove that the anti-fascist struggle is an international struggle and that the extreme right is fought through social struggles almost everywhere in the world.

Finally, we would like to give our support to the Kurdish comrades who also suffered an attack in Lyon on the same day by Turkish nationalist fascists.

We call on everyone to join us on Saturday April 3 at 2 p.m. Place des Terreaux (to be confirmed) for a massive / committed mobilization against the violence of the extreme right and for the closure of the fascist premises.
Antifascism is everyone’s business !
In the face of fascist violence, not a step back !

First support signatures, received by March 26:
ACORT , Citizens’ Assembly of Turkish origin
ACU , Association of Unitarian Communists
Alternatives and Self-Management
ANC , National Association of Communists
Self-management association
ATMF , Association of Maghrebian Workers of France
Attac , Association for the taxation of financial transactions and for citizen action
CDKF , Kurdish Democratic Council in France
Cherries the Cooperative
CGT , General Confederation of Labor
CISE , International Solidarity and Ecologist Confederation
CJACP , Judeo-Arab and Citizen Collective for Palestine
CNT , National Confederation of Labor
CNT-SO , National Confederation of Workers Solidarity Ouvrière
DAL , Right to housing
Agone editions
La Fabrique editions
Libertalia editions
Syllepse editions
FA , Anarchist Federation
Fasti , Federation of associations of solidarity with all immigrants
FI , rebellious France
Copernicus Foundation
FSU , Unitary Trade Union Federation
FUIQP , United Front of Immigrations and Popular Neighborhoods
GDS , Democratic and Social Left
Young anti-fascist guard
JJR , Revolutionary Jews and Jews
LDH , League of Human Rights
NPA , New Anti-Capitalist Party
OCML-VP , Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization – Proletarian Path
PCF , French Communist Party
PCOF , Communist Workers’ Party of France
PEPS , For a popular and social ecology
PG , Left Party
POID , Democratic Independent Workers’ Party
STJV , Union of Video Game Workers
UCL , Libertarian Communist Union
Union Syndicale Solidaires
Visa , Vigilance and anti-fascist union initiatives