Since the start of the year, inflation has increased by more than 2 %, in particular due to the price of energy and in particular gas (+ 12 % in October) and oil. Refueling today is more expensive than in October 2018 … when the Yellow Vests movement broke out. In addition, our production being based on oil, this price increase is reflected in food.

While we were promised that the competition in the energy market – and therefore the dismantling of EDF and GDF – would lower prices, this is proof that it was smoke-free. Yet all public policies at local or national level continue in this logic of privatizing profitable public services by offering them to private shareholders who get rich by breaking our social gains as well as our public services.

While we’re struggling, billionaires are doing business

The health crisis has triggered an economic crisis that has left tens of thousands of people unemployed. But as in all crises, the richest took advantage. The 20 richest people on the planet accumulate a global fortune of more than 1,928 billion dollars… That is a dizzying increase of 62% ! At the same time, the minimum wage was only increased by 2 % or 27 euros in October … it looks like it is trickling backwards ! And the worst: this ridiculous increase puts many levels of the public and private wages below the minimum wage!

There is money, in the employers’ coffers

So we can ask ourselves where is the money we lack to make ends meet, to increase our salaries, to hire employees ?

The latest revelations from the Pandora Papers give us some indications. Part of this money is in tax havens, which surely finances the boss’s new villa, his expensive clothes and his new car. Yet it is we, the workers who create this wealth and the bosses, the shareholders who grab the profits. While it is we who have agreed to work during the pandemic, to work shifted schedules at the expense of our social life, and overtime to make ends meet …

One day we will have to overturn the table, regain our dignity, finally say ” No !” Collectively, with our colleagues, to go on strike to show the exploiters – and to show ourselves – that without us they are nothing and that we do not need them . We will then be able to think about a world which first of all thinks of the needs of each and every one instead of thinking for the benefit of a minority, a society where working time is distributed, wealth too … In short, a society free of capitalism, this system that kills humans and the planet !

Union Communiste Libertaire, October 25, 2021


Source: Awsm.nz