While some of its components try more or less skillfully to camouflage themselves cynically as defenders of ” freedom “, the reality of the extreme right has always been reflected in gratuitous violence, in particular against the activists and structures that defend everyone’s rights in the field.

Last night, the national premises of Union Syndicale Solidaires were targeted. The nature of the degradations, Celtic crosses and hate message based on the white race, leaves no doubt about the political orientations of these authors. We give our unreserved support to our comrades in Solidarity.

If today, the degradations remain minimal, they are part of the already too long list of attacks by small fascist groups this year against the spaces of struggles and organization of the social movement, including unions and organizations like ours. occupy an important place and are therefore a prime target for the fascists [ 1 ]

We repeat, the events which follow one another and the increasingly deleterious climate, accelerated by a government launched in an increasingly anti-social and authoritarian policy, promises us a bleak future, if no reaction from our camp. is heard.

At a time when for weeks, far-right groups and fascist small groups of all kinds have felt more and more confident to the point of hoisting themselves up as protest leaders, it seems all the more vital that the he whole social movement is coming together and organizing itself so as not to leave any space for the fascists. The UCL will always be on the side of those who are ready to fight against the extreme right, wherever it surfaces.

Libertarian Communist Union, August 14, 2021.

Source: Awsm.nz