Once again, the announcements of March 31 made by Macron, in disaster, are far from satisfactory. It requires individual efforts, especially from hospital staff, already saturated, while claiming to appeal to solidarity and the collective. He thus sets up, without any consultation, authoritarian measures which serve only one interest: that of the bourgeoisie and the capitalists. Faced with the bankruptcy of this system, let’s organize solidarity.

Macron improvises and it’s the workers who drink
Contaminations explode. The situation is worsening rapidly and is in some ways more worrying than last spring: more extensive in terms of geography and age.

The hospitals are overwhelmed, the intensive care units are at their maximum capacity. The 10,000 beds in intensive care announced are only an emergency measure and are not intended to last. Beyond the places in intensive care, the personnel are lacking: yet another proof of the improvisation of the government.

Macron continues to favor shareholders and employers to the detriment of workers’ health. The call for the goodwill of the bosses to set up teleworking is ineffective, this strategy implemented since the beginning of the crisis has turned out to be a failure. In addition, it is not possible to set up teleworking for all trades. The state offers nothing for those who are not concerned.

For the unemployed, nothing is set up even though the return to employment over the period is almost impossible. Likewise, many people are homeless, at a time when the state is still evicting people, requisitioning empty housing remains a vital emergency.

Rather than massively vaccinating and testing the state is implementing coercive measures on life – outside of work.

While Blanquer has been explaining for months that schools were not a place of contamination, they are now closed in the face of evidence. The government worries about the education of students when it keeps the economy going but continues to destroy the school with absurd reforms. He only reacts when forced and forced rather than listening to the demands of staff, unions and parents’ associations which could have made it possible to break the chains of transmission.

Immediately, let’s organize solidarity.
Let us put in place solidarity in our villages and in our neighborhoods. Let us watch over each other, especially the most vulnerable.

Intra-family and conjugal violence exploded during periods of confinement. Let us organize to prevent violent men from happening again.

Let us prepare for a new wave of facies checks, of police raids in working-class neighborhoods. Let us oppose our united determination vis-à-vis the police.

By the struggles and for our class from now on we want

Socialization of the health system:

socialization of clinics and other private health pharmacies and end of the regime for liberal doctors ;
overhaul of the health system as a whole ;
requisition of pharmaceutical factories, prevent closures and relocations of Big pharma.
Democratic planning of vaccine production:

cancel the patents of vaccines for mass production without having to pay royalties to laboratories already stuffed with public funds ;
requisition and socialization of laboratories and production plants ;
organization of a mass vaccination campaign for everyone, taking into account all situations (medical, epidemiological, social, etc.).
The abandonment of anti-social reforms aggravating precariousness and the implementation of strong solidarity measures:

requisition of empty housing ;
access to social minima for all ;
abolition of the reform of unemployment insurance.
It is not for us to pay for their crisis, neither with our health, nor with a debt to repay !

Libertarian Communist Union, March 31, 2021.


Source: Awsm.nz