(A little reading to spend this electoral weekend, either to download and print at work (sabotage!), Or to read fully online …)

Far from being a “non-act” of resigning, conscious abstention is an act responsible for refusing a system of domination where the right to vote constitutes the public act of allegiance of the greatest number to the power of a few. a few.

The recent history of social democracies shows how much the electoral ritual, which was to guarantee freedom and the means of life for each of us, has only strengthened the power of a caste of property owners and the exploitation of the vast majority of human beings.

Because we are for the abolition of this authoritarian system where property and profit serve as moral value, and because we know that a world of solidarity, of sharing rich in its diversity is possible, we call for the struggle against power through abstention and direct action.

Content: I – Voting: putting your own voice in the ballot box
II – Small plea for direct democracy
III – Voting is voting for capitalism
IV – Politicar’d academy
V – Remember, citizen

Pub legality

VI – Vote or boycott?
VII – To abstain from the elections, is it to favor fascism?
VIII – Electoral manipulation
IX – Letter from a young abstainer
X – From the (recent) past let us learn the lessons
XI – They voted against Le Pen .. And then after?
XII – Where have they gone?
XIII – To begin with
XIV – Electoralism, my proof by Lula


Source: Awsm.nz