It is not only through incompetence that the government gesticulates, lies and improvises without managing to contain the epidemic. It is first of all because it is dependent on a system. Capitalist competition which has led to the dismantling of the public health service, to relocate the productive apparatus, to undermine scientific research in the name of short-term profit. And from this observation, we can only draw revolutionary conclusions.

This third “ real false containment ” is struggling to slow down the circulation of the virus. After its ridiculous denials, the government ended up, in the face of the evidence, by closing schools. But when it comes to businesses, laissez-faire dominates. People are more and more severely monitored and repressed, with recent freedom-killing laws (” global security “) or those to come (” separatism “).

Hospitals remain overwhelmed: saturated resuscitation services, exhausted and despised nursing staff: the ” Health Ségur ” supposed to revalue salaries and professions has been a hoax, bed closures planned before the pandemic remain on the program, professionals · health problems are disgusted.

The slowness of vaccination highlights the pattern of ” socialization of investments, privatization of profits ” that we are undergoing. The development of vaccines in record time has been possible thanks to massive injections of public money, even if “trade secrets ” prohibit any transparency on this subject … What matters is that in the end, patents are privately owned by capitalist groups, thus preventing the free production of vaccines, creating scarcity and pushing up prices.

The wave of layoffs and the explosion of unemployment continue. Often, companies use the epidemic crisis as a pretext to restructure, after having received voluminous public aid without any compensation, after having benefited from the work of their employees for years. The closure of the Bridgestone plant in Béthune is emblematic of this legal hold-up: 2.4 million euros in public aid since 2008, 1.8 million euros in tax credit in 2017. And , in the end, the closure of the site and the dismissal of nearly 900 people …

Faced with this mess, let’s impose common sense measures (and therefore revolutionary !)
For the health system:

socialization of clinics and other private health pharmacies, end of the regime for liberal doctors ;
socialization of the pharmaceutical industry ;
cancellation of vaccine patents, which are to be released into the public domain.
For solidarity and social protection:

requisition of empty housing ;
access to social minima for all ;
defense of health insurance and old age insurance, refusal to pay the “ Covid debt ”.
Against unemployment and layoffs:

workers’ right of veto over collective dismissals ;
requisition / self-management of businesses that close while viable ;
strengthening unemployment insurance, withdrawal of the current reform.
Against security policies and mass surveillance:

withdrawal of “ global security ” and “ separatism ” laws ;
prohibition of automated identification techniques (facial recognition, gait, etc.).